Your Scars Are Not Your Flaws


Facebook. Pinterest. Instagram.


All evil perpetrations of a lie. Thanks to Facetune and other editing apps, we see people's perfection only. Their work comes off as bestsellers. Their homes as iterations of magazine layouts. And their faces, modelesque.


And some people need that in their lives. They believe that life should be this way. That business should be that way. And they look at others' who don't portray that perfection as flawed, unworthy.


But running a business is ANYTHING but perfection. It's sweaty. It's bloody. It's fucking painful. You'll have days when the sun is shining on your face and all you see is golden rays of profit. Then, there are days when you see nothing but your scars and imperfections.


But those scars are perfect.


They're your medallions of valor. They're your reminders that you can say, "Fuck you" to anyone who doesn't like them (or you), to those who think they make you less beautiful, to those who think they mar your existence.


Your business isn't perfect. Your life isn't perfect. Nor are you.


But you are imperfectly powerful.


You've survived shit. You've grown. You've learned what you love and what matters to you. And you're better than they are because you're happy. Fuck every one of your peeps who say, "This isn't good enough". Because, you know what, they're not talking about you.


They're talking about them.


They're sloughing off the baggage that makes them feel like shit onto you. Thinking it'll make them feel better because when people say something, it's truth, right? (Ask any marketer or copywriter worth her shit how that works.)


People who strive for perfection and feel like anything less is shit. Are shit.




People who strive for perfection and know they're doing their best. Are the perfectly aged barrels of Knob Creek you'd have for breakfast, if they'd let you. Fucking good shit.


I don't give a rat's ass where those losers are from, what their standard of living is, or who they THINK they are. You look at your scars and your battle wounds and know that you're here, living. While they're dying in the poison they create for themselves and others.


Life, business, isn't about perfection. It's about passion. It's about showing up as your best self...knowing you and loving who you are and what you offer the world to make it a better place.


Fuck every last person who isn't okay with your scars. Because without them? You wouldn't be you.


And I'm thankful for you.


Join the Badass'D. We get shit done. Scars and all.