Review of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

I was lucky enough to receive an Advance Uncorrected Proof of The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith. And there are lots books out there about how to do social media right. Many of them very good and very thorough. But with social media and marketing a central part of Brogan's and Smith's businesses, they delve deeper into the whys and wherefores of what works when you're trying to build your platform for your business. The New York Times Bestsellers have hit the nail on the head again with this unofficial sequel to Trust Agents.

They walk you through what does and doesn't work with compelling and recognizable examples from our daily lives from everything from musicians to beer brands. The language here, as they explain in the section on Echo, is written specifically to me. Well, to their audience, but I felt like I was having a conversation with them as I read.

The equation is this I=C*(R+E+A+T+E). And when you put Contrast, Reach, Exposure, Articulation, Trust, and Echo together, you get a powerful platform to propel your business forward. While many platforms have really good reach, they may not have really great echo. And while others might have awesome contrast (think Mars Dorian), they may not have great exposure. But working to improve the areas that they're lacking in using the steps in this book, a business' platform will drastically improve.

That being said, they also give examples and scales by which you can rate yourself and your own platform in social media to help you improve the areas you're weakest in. Now, I'm NOT a page bender. I take pride in how my books look when I'm done with them. But, I've totally trashed my copy of The Impact Equation by dog-earring most of the pages, highlighting and even penciling in in places when my highlighter was nowhere to be found (thanks, kids). There was so much powerful awesome in this book that I couldn't help but take notes and grasp as much as I can from it.

As an entrepreneur, The Impact Equation is required reading. Stop yourself from making the mistakes that others have made and push your business further faster.

Thanks, Chris and Julien for a most insightful and compelling HANDBOOK on building platforms that grow businesses!

I don't think The Impact Equation is out yet, but when it is...get it!

Thanks for reading and have an awesome weekend!