Recipe: Hot Client Cocktail

Badass'd Quotes Template (1)98% of my client base has given all the same answers to the required Client Questionnaire. 98%.

There’s something horribly wrong with that.

What most of them have done is base their answers on themselves, NOT actual knowledge of their client. They’ve based it on what THEY are experiencing or have experienced.

That’s only effective if you are your ideal client.

But you’re not.

Do you have similarities? Duh. Of course you do. But the key difference is this: They have the faith to pay you to help them do what you didn’t have to pay to get help to do. Therefore, you may have the same weekend plans, but not the same reasons for those plans.

And the reasons are the fuel for everything.

When you appeal to their whys, walls fall. Wallets open.

How to construct a Client Questionnaire that fuels profits:

  1. What’s her favorite color? WHY?
  2. Where does she shop? WHY?
  3. Where does she WANT to shop? WHY?
  4. Pinot Grigio or Jack Daniels or Aquafina? WHY? (clearly I’M not a wine drinker)
  5. Jimmy Choo or Crocs? WHY? (DUDE. Croc people aren’t paying for luxury…)
  6. Work at the crack of dawn or yoga? WHY?
  7. Mail Chimp or Ontraport? WHY?
  8. Apple or PC? WHY?
  9. Friday night Margaritas (or chips and salsa, skip the lime) with the girls or Friday night curl up with their partners or Velvet Rope Clubs? WHY?
  10. What’s your business’ message? WHY?

That WHY is the motivation behind all of what she does (and lays down money for). That WHY is your WHY.

Want to make magic on your pages? Don’t write solely from your heart, without considering theirs. It has to be a combo of how you will address their challenges, their fears, their obstacles.

I don’t do cocktails (much), but in order to sneak into the souls of the people that you truly adore working with, think of it as creating the most luscious cocktail in the Universe. You talk to their needs, but in your tongue.

How do I know?

People post middle finger memes, bourbon, and swearing memes on my wall. Why? They have become my brand. The people who love playing with me are the ones who dig, but not necessarily have the same passion for, the things I dig.

All I did was be me. And the ones who don’t like my mouth? I don’t give a shit. I don’t want to work with them anyway.

But I was me and I spoke to their inabilities to complete their copy, or their inability to create emotions that made money...and I spoke in my own foul-fucking-way and they liked it. They don’t ride. They don’t drink bourbon. They don’t like metal music. But they love me.

And they love the results.

Recipe for your own Hot Client Cocktails:

1 part YOU (An even mix of your loves, your process, your solutions)

1 part THEM (An even mix of their fears, needs, desires)

Shake well and serve over fire. Success follows. It’s inevitable.