Project Trainees

Ok, trainees!  Today is our FIRST day of training and I applaud you for knowing that your projects (be they your careers or personal thingys) need you to step up.  What you have signed up for is no easy feat and you are READY! So here is my pep talk for the first day:

We are all aware that it takes time to form new habits, but when you are talking about diets and exercise the time frame tends to extend itself beyond that of learning to make your bed each day (and, yes, I had to do that...very recently).

Technically speaking, food (and drink) are mere fuels.  A way to feed the body the nutrients it needs to develop properly.  But we all know that food is more than that.  Food is the tie that binds.  If you need proof of that, listen in on the conversations that abound amongst peoples of different cultures.  It is undeniable.

Food spurs memories.  Food evokes feelings.  Food brings people together from all walks of life.

As trainees, we are going to change the way we see food.  We have to see it for what it is...nutrition.  We have to learn to make connections between the food that is good for us and the way we feel after we eat it.

During this training, we are going to eat WHOLE food...not drive thru, not prepackaged.  And if you think you don't have time for that, then you don't have the dedication that it takes to make your mind and body the fine tuned machines that you need them to be.

I am not talking gung ho, full out, gym rat dedication.  I am talking being serious enough to think, plan and make ahead.  It isn't is an adjustment.  BUT because you signed up for this, you are ready for that adjustment.

Your assignment for today is to FOCUS on your food while you eat and talk to your tum tum 15mins after you finish.  Be honest.  Take note on your chart about how the food you ate made you feel.  Got it?  Any questions?  Now...go forth and evolve!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts at the end of the day!  Comment here or on Facebook and tell me what you discovered about the food and its relationship to your feelings and emotions.

If you haven't joined this training yet, it isn't too late!  Drop a comment and hang with us!

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