The Picture is Never Complete

There’s one thing you need to learn: You’ll never know it “ALL”. You’ll never hit every single step the way that someone else might have.

Coach A might approach a launch with a balls-to-the-walls schedule and images already mapped out.

Coach B might approach it differently with webinars, outreach, and a few hundred email campaigns in play.

And don’t even get me started on physical product launches - a WHOLE different monster.

But there is no formula for getting this shit right.


UNLESS the step you’re missing is even being visible to start with. I take that back, there’s a trifecta in play that is the only formula:

  1. KNOW YOU.
  2. KNOW WHY.
  3. Stand WAAAAYYY the fuck above the noise.  

That’s it.

It’s not magic. It’s not science.

It’s being you. It’s helping them.

We overcomplicate things when we watch other people and try to mimic processes that we watch other people using. We get bogged down in, “I don’t think I can do that”. And we question our own ability to show up, out of fear of failure or fear of inadequacy, or fear of fear.

Calm the fuck down.

Figure YOU out.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you adore most in this world?
  3. How can you make money at it?
  4. What will you get from being able to do it?
  5. How the fuck can you stand so far above the noise that there IS NO NOISE where you are?

The reason people get business wrong is because they take whatever passion is pulling at them at the time, but it’s not TRULY who they are. So as time marches on, there’s so much change and so much upheaval and re-branding, etc. that you don’t even recognize who you are.

(This is not to say shit doesn’t happen that changes you from the inside, from time to time, this is for the chicas who rush into shit because it sounds good at the time.)

But if you take a week or however long you need to dig deep into your soul, you’ll find out who you were before all these fuckers started telling you you needed to be somebody else.

You’ll hear that voice inside you that says, “I am a [INSERT lifelong dream here].”

Listen to your body when you talk about the brand you’ve been building: Does your stomach wince a little when you think about the business you’re in now?

Then, once you know...all you have to do is get your ass out there and work it.

Make fucking friends. The right ones. And do shit that lifts others up, like Jared and Kimanzi do, like Keith Griffis does.

Nurture the relationships that matter.

Hone your craft and be ever present to help those who need you most.

Are you going to make a mint in the beginning? No. And I’d venture to say way too many of you are blinded by the lies of yourself and trust your process...fuck the rest.

Because when you let go of the woulda, shoulda, couldas and the envy of others and the waiting until you know more bullshit, you realize that your picture is as complete as it needs to be. Now go fucking work it.