Patti Larsen: Productive Creative At Large

Patti Laren, Productive CreativePatti wows me with her approach to writing. While others on Twitter and Facebook put out a book or two last year, she  released 12! Her writing is her business, not her hobby. So much so, she's on track for another record year this year with 4 books already released. Patti's proof that being productive and creative can be a rewarding and fulfilling career. Check out her "Get Your Book Done" course so you can learn to do what she does! I'm going to shut it now and let her talk. Thanks, Patti, for being here, for being an inspiration and for being you. You're the best!

When I first met Tania, I was immediately taken by how enthusiastic she was about combining work with whole life balance. That ideology, her Productive Creative method, made me really think—and ultimately change how I view my work.

I’m incredibly productive and always have been. That’s just my modality and I’ve learned to embrace it over the years.

The only problem with being so prolific as a writer is facing the idiom, “If you wrote it fast, it has to be crap.” I believed it for a while myself, tried to hold back the flow of words. Surely what I was creating with such amazing speed and passion had to be wrong or horrid or worthy only of the delete button.

It took me a long time to finally let the muse have her head and not shackle the words trying to pour out of me. Even longer to admit to others how much I was producing in such a short time. Or to reach the point where I’m now okay with talking about my rate of speed, though I still occasionally find myself making excuses—oh, I write YA so the books are a little shorter, that’s how I can finish a series in a month. Or, that’s just the first draft I wrote in seven days, I still have edits to do. Just to make other people feel better about it.

Being a Productive Creative envelops and supports my ability to write so much so fast and I love that. It’s helped me see I’m not abnormal, not a freak or a terrible writer. I’m a great writer, as a matter of fact! Though I still have days I have to remind myself of that...

Do you have to write as fast as I do? Of course not! That’s the beauty behind this philosophy. You are you and I’m me and we produce at the speed that makes us both comfortable.

Thank you, Tania. This is who I am and I’m so happy to be free.

About the Author: Patti Larsen has a serious passion for YA paranormal and thrillers. Two of her novels (Family Magic and Run) have recently been shortlisted for the PEI Book Awards and she couldn’t be more tickled. Now with multiple series in happy publication, she lives on the East Coast of Canada with her patient husband and four massive cats.

Patti updates her blog, My Writing Life, regularly. She also helps new writers with her "Get Your Book Done" course. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the writing loop!

You can check out all her books here!

What say you, readers? What would it take to get you writing 12 or so books per year? Let us know in the comments below!