Our businesses have a mathematical potential that we’re not living up to (here’s proof)

It’s THURSDAY in the hisousssse! Who’s down for some quick math?? It’s not mine nor are they verified, but this is from what an outsider can see...are you ready to see what strategy and showing up can do for you??

Let’s take a look at a business that was already booming when I found it, but it’s realllly blowing up and it’s not slowing down.

With the explosion of the Woo in recent years, this particular owner has lit it all on fire. And it started with a message that’s held true from the get.

She went from an Etsy shop in 2011 to a roaring online and an offline presence. In six years, she’s maintained her integrity, her quality, and her message.

That said, her Etsy beginning has led her to a fully-stocked brick and mortar, plus an online space that sells over 3000 products. She didn’t stop there. Her YouTube channel has over 16K subscribers that pale in comparison to her almost 600K page likes on Facebook. But even though she reaches over 2M people in 60 countries, that’s not the math I want you to calculate with me today.

She hosts 4 classes for which she prepares and teaches each week for an hour a week. So, that’s 4 hours of teaching (minus prep, of course). Ready?

In the one class I was in, she had 1,169 members. Approximately, 700 people in there are in the class bundle.

So there’s a difference of around 300 in each of the groups that are NOT in the bundle course.

The math, then, looks something like this:

700 x $60 = $42,000 (membership bundle)
700 x 19 x 3 = $39,900 (kits for all three classes)
Total: $81,900

Now, we have to do the separate 300’s in each group (I don’t do math well, so I’m sure you can figure this a faster way!)

300 x 3 = 900 (members total that are in the various groups)
900 x 20 = $18,000 (membership for all three groups)
900 x $19 = $17,100 (kits for all three classes)
Total: $35,100

So both the bundled and unbundled peoples LOL equals approximately $117,000 a month.

Not including sales from the site OR the headquarters!

Now. That said. This isn’t the whole picture, of course, some people won’t buy the kits. And there are more than 1000 people in each group.

But my point is not whether or not my shit math is right or wrong. My point is that if you are FOCUSED and DRIVEN, numbers like these are not impossible for you, either.

She started with a mission from her soul. She showed up every single day (and still does...multiple times a day!) and is there for her large community. She encourages and empowers. She provides tools and knowledge to help solidify that commitment. And she has a big ass team to help her build her empire.

She has a creative director now. And I’m pretty sure she’s got a PR person on hand now because her media appearances have drastically increased in the last three months. And there has to be a marketing strategist in on the biz, too, because everything is so well coordinated that it’s like a well-oiled machine.

No longer a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-American-Eagles hobby.

NOW. I need to hear from you. What are YOU going to do now that you know what’s possible? PLLLEASE hit reply and let me know if these numbers inspire you or make you want to throw in the towel.