6 Questions to Ask to Determine Your Balance Between Online and Offline Marketing

citroen-383955_1280Sink thousands into online marketing or into offline marketing? Pay Facebook or pay the printer? Or both?

Ideally Speaking

Who is your ideal client? Older men who don’t use Facebook won’t see your Sponsored Facebook posts. They’re in front of their TVs watching the big game...AGAIN. Overweight women who need new clothes don’t want you putting flyers from your Plus-Sizes-R-Us online boutique in their hands to remind them they’re overweight and need to dress better. (But they are on Pinterest wishing they had that gorgeous batwing top.) So all that time you spent on Facebook is wasted. All that money spent on flyers, gone. Unless you find a balance. You likely have some customers in both arenas. So, targeting and copy will be your best friends in reaching them. Because when you position your marketing in the right areas and you use words that makes them FEEL. So, what tactics should you consider for your market? Offline Marketing Tactics: Business cards Billboards TV ads Radio Flyers Direct mail Newspaper ads Magazine ads Car ads (so not a joke, as much as I wish it was) Online Marketing: Social media PPC ads Banner ads Sponsored newsletters Sponsored sites Email marketing Blogging Guest posting Forums Webinars/Teleseminars Courses Ebooks Video marketing The issues you’ll face with offline marketing are the expense and the lack of targeting. Pay hundreds for flyers and you’ll splatter the landscape with the good word of your biz, but how many of the people you hit will actually be your ideal customer...and respond to the call-to-action? And I’m not saying radio and TV don’t work. They work for brand exposure, but they aren’t pulling money in faster than a twisted throttle on the Tail of the Dragon. LOL Sorry...lapsed into my dream ride. But, the issues you’ll face with online marketing tactics are...well, few compared to offline marketing. Except unkempt time management issues because you let yourself get lost reading your Twitter feed instead of actually helping people for your limited amount of time. And possibly money because your ads aren’t targeted properly.

Consider This When Deciding on Online and Offline Marketing Tactics

The questions you have to ask yourself are: How much of my budget SHOULD I sink into online/offline tactics? And which ones should I use? How should I use them?

  1. Determine who you’re marketing to.
  2. Determine what their lifestyle is.
  3. Determine what their mindset is.
  4. Determine where you should run your campaign based on your above answers.
  5. Determine when you should run your campaign based on the above.
  6. Determine which format of your marketing will best serve your purpose.

Find out the answers to these questions to find your balance between your online and offline marketing tactics, so you can maximize your money and proliferate your profits ;) .