#ONEThing That'll Change the Way You Work

You're a zombie. Day in and day out, the same bullshit. People pulling you in 9 different directions and NO one cares about you. They don't.  

It's crazy. It's not fair. But that's life. And sometimes life feels like a 7.8T weight you carry around in your arms waiting for someone to help you bear it. But they won't. You're in this game alone.


But you can't let that stop you from kicking ass. Success is about making it through when you didn't think you could. It's about looking all the assholes who said you couldn't do it in the eye and saying, "Fuck you. I got this." It's about putting your head down and getting it done, even when you doubt yourself and want to throw in the towel because you're not sure you really can do this.


You DO got this. You can crank it out, even if you hate the drudgery of the BS around you: When you put your mind to #ONEThing.


That's what Kevin Packer of Trackfaster taught me. Instead of letting my head swim in the nonsense, focus on #ONEThing and get it done. That's all.


You know you have WAAAAAAYYYY more to do than #ONEThing to do for your business, but you use #ONEThing when you can't see above the swells, when you can't hear the music for the crowd, when you can't carry that 7.8T weight one more step alone. [Tweet this]


Because when you put everything else aside, that #ONEThing is all that matters. That #ONEThing will get you through. That #ONEThing will bring your success.


So, today, instead of getting mad at your SO for not understanding you really do have work to do, make getting your #ONEThing done your only goal for the next few days. Instead of losing your mind when you think of all the emails you have to respond to, focus on your #ONEThing and get the most important work you have in front of you done first. Instead of letting the swells swallow you, get your #ONEThing done.


What Should My #ONEThing Be


The thing that is going to change the game for you. It should be the thing that is going to take your business to the next level. Maybe it's just sitting down for an hour and coming up with ideas to make your brand a monster. Maybe it's working through product production. Maybe it's hacking away at your site for an hour each day until you get it looking the way you want it to look.


Whatever it is, do it. Everyday until it's done. Or until it becomes habit, if you need it to be something you do everyday for the rest of your life.


Don't look at the big picture. Look at the details. Focus on your #ONEThing.


Kick ass this week! Tania Dakka |Badass'D Biz+Ink