The Big Buy. That’s the goal.

You know...the package you DREAM of selling them on...that’s what the goal is. Walk them from the front door of your store (your social) all the way through the store (your entire site) to the hidden back room where the REAL magic happens (your TA-DA! $5000 coaching package).

But people want to get people on their list and start trying to sell that big ass monster right away.

You can’t do that. You need to prove that you are the master and that you have the solutions they seek. If I am going to pay you $5000, I need to feel super comfortable that I am not going to end up like the horror stories that have been running around.

So. What are the steps to get there?


So what are you doing to build them? If you’re not addressing their needs with an opt-in that gives them a taste of what you can do for them? You’re missing a chance to express your authority.

And if you have that opt-in, yet you are following up with hard sales pitches before you even establish your authority...wellllll….if that hasn’t yet worked out for you, it means that your ideal client isn’t into it.

You have to change it.

Create emails that express your authority while nurturing a relationship.

The more they see you know what you’re doing, the more trust you build. And that’s the key.

Trust is the last emotion they feel before they click “Buy”.

But how can they get there if you’re not showing them who you are, how you get results, and the results you’ve gotten...without making them feel sold to?

By creating emails that establish your brand authority. By answering questions completely and openly, as though they just paid you to give them. By knowing what answers they need before they ask them.

That’s what a nurturing sequence does.

Do you have that in place?

How many emails did you set up to do that? 3? Can you establish trust in three emails?

Try a MINIMUM of 7.

Have each email set up to relieve a problem and close with a call-to-action that is simply, “hit reply”. Or offer them a chance to connect with you for free (which they still may not take you up on because...hey, they don’t trust you...yet!).

After you run through their seven biggest problems, offer them the deets on YOU. They’ve gotten a ton of value out of you, now they’re ready to hear your story.

This is where you have a chance to build connection - or run them away. They’re not looking for your wrap sheet. They’re not looking for the painful details of your childhood.

They want to know that you understand their struggle because you were once there.


It’s time for a sale. Not a $5000 one, either. Something easy. NO barrier style of breezy.

Have an ebook? Sell it.

Have a low-cost course? Sell that.

Have a discount on a 1:1 consult? BOOM. Do it.

It’s the gateway drug to more of your awesome and the Big Buy...if it’s done right.

SO the question is...are you willing to keep throwing away money by not adequately nurturing the relationships that cross the threshold of your website?

If not, then pick up the Black Diamond Funnel*. A steal at $699, it will disappear forever when this sale is done.

*Black Diamond Funnel: Landing page ($399 value), opt-in copy ($99 value), 7 value emails ($350 value), tripwire landing page copy ($399 value), and an upsell email ($75 value). Total value: $1322...only $699 while supplies last.