Nike doesn’t sell sneaks

“Just do it” has NOTHING to do with sneakers.

It’s obvious.

There’s no mention of their superior arch support for feet that pronate.

There’s no mention of their slip resistant bottoms for all types of running surfaces.

Harley doesn’t advertise their superior...well, brand. They say, “Ride like you stole it”.

It’s the EMOTION that sells.

Not the padded seating or the tie-them-and-stay shoelaces.

You don’t sell your product as a feature to getting the riding or running experience you want the clients to feel.

You lovingly wrap them in the potential they’ll realize when they throw their legs over or tie on your shoes.

It’s emotion.

It’s always emotion.

And if it’s hard for you to write that emotion, you need to put your marketing and copy in the hands of someone (anyone...I don’t give a fuck who) to do it for you.

Because they don’t care HOW they get there. They just want to know how it’s going to feel.

And how they want to feel? Is on fire.

What is that going to mean for YOUR reader?

It means the end of struggle, whether it is in the form of reaching status (or feeling like it) or wanting to get in shape, you need to know what their specific struggles are because yours are different from mine.

It means painting the picture of life AFTER your product or service.

Will they have the body they want?
Will they feel good out of the bed in the morning because they put in the work?
Will they feel like a boss in their shiny new Bentley?

What are they going to become when they’ve worked with you?

Answer these questions - in their entirety, like, sit for half an hour and FORCE yourself to think of all the ways that their lives will change because of you. Then, use those answers to drive the emotion that you are looking for them to feel when they work with you (or buy your products, if you are a product-based).

Note: Sometimes, pain drives sales. Sometimes pleasure. In the coaching industry, pleasure, desire, longing, sex, money are the best sellers.

And THOSE should be what drives your copy, not the number of sessions via Zoom, or how you can use email to stay connected during crisis times, etc. They definitely should be mentioned. But they are tools, features, and they have their places.

But they are NOT selling points.

There. If you have questions, hit me.

Otherwise, if you struggle with this, I am your solution. Period. I don’t write copy. I write emotion. And it’s that emotion that makes you money.