The Naming Process & Emotion

Tania EmotionSexy Fight Club for Biz Chicks who are fighting themselves to create powerful magic in their businesses.


The Diamond B!tch Society.


That’s what we started out as. And that’s what we went by for months.


It started out as a “joke,” the B!tch part, but it stuck. At first, I cringed. Every time I said it. Then, I became numb to it.


But Danielle and I had a conversation about the connotations of the word “B!tch.” For her, there’s a lot of negativity conjured up with it. For me, it meant a promiscuous woman (from a cultural perspective).


We both agreed that neither one was something we wanted to be perceived as.


The EMOTION revolving around the name was overwhelmingly disrespectful. Besides, we created this society to be a place where chicks come to get better at what they do - to become more powerful, more successful.


That’s what we wanted to focus on. So a name change was booked.


Only, replacing a “B” is harder than you think.


Because it had to be a B. I’m partial to B’s and D’s - shut up. So - we went back and forth trying to settle on a name that would evoke just the right emotion.


Because without a name that intrigues or inspires, ALL could be lost. And all your efforts for naught.


After endless emails, swearing in frustration, and even some bloodshed, we finally settled on a name that evokes the emotion of power that we wanted:


Fire of the Diamond.

Fire is the yearning in your soul to create a bigger, better you and a more profitable business. The Diamond is the strength and hardness, yet gorgeousness of you. You are a diamond. You deserve to have them rain on you.


So. There we evolved from Diamond B!tch Society to Fire of the Diamond: Exclusive Society for the driven woman who is ready to stand above the noise.


This isn’t a membership site. This is, like I said, an exclusive club, for which not everyone will be accepted.


It’s only for the woman who:

Is ready to take action

Wants to leave her games behind her

Knows that this isn’t for show, this is the real f*cking deal

Longs for solutions to problems that she’s tired of searching blog after blog for




Want in? The doors to Fire of the Diamond are closed, but you can get on the list to apply to join us when the doors open. You are also invited to attend our next anti-webinar, click here to create package names that drip champagne.