Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style) - Featuring 10th Mountain Whiskey

The music starts and you close your eyes to feel it. There's magic in the notes that carries your soul to another plane. A plane where wounds are forgotten, or scars reopened. A plane where you lose yourself in rhythm instead of chaos. The magic transforms you into the truest form of yourself that you always forget you are when everyone else is around. Music has power. Music is power.

And someone's favorite song speaks volumes of his soul. What better way to get to know him than to ask what his favorite song is? So here! Here are 7 entrepreneurs who you should know + a bit about their souls! Let's get the recap of this past weekend's Garage Party underway!


Lisa Butler Lisa Butler

Love your work, but not your website?? Meet Lisa Butler! Not only does she create sites that you’ll drool over (I know, I’ve seen them!) She wrote this book on how YOU can “Make WP Work”. You know you fight with that backend mess (and that’s really what the backend of WP is, isn’t it?)…now you can learn it, the easy way! Check out Lisa’s song and her site! (And dig on her book!)


Delisa Carnegie Delisa Carnegie

What you want to do is tattooed across your brain, but you just can’t see it anymore for all the I can’ts in your way. Meet Delisa Carnegie! With her you can, and I quote from her site, "unfuck your creative mojo”! You GO, Delisa! Check out this killer Florence + the Machine she chose and then, hop over to her site to see JUST what she’s got going on to help creatives like you sling your best work!


Scott A Barlow Scott Barlow

Don’t waste another night’s sleep wondering what you should do with your life. Don’t spend another listless afternoon chatting up your best friend trying to figure out how to break out of that 9-5. Meet Scott Barlow of Happen to Your Career. He’ll help you do the work you were meant to do. Check out this One Republic ditty and then go sign up for his free email course so you can start making things happen!


Sandy Sidhu Sandy Sidhu

Stop leaving money on the table because you don’t have a Google+ profile. Google+ is a valuable place to plant great social and search seeds. And Sandy Sidhu has THE course that’s going to help you get started! Check out Happy and then pop over to her site and see what she has in store to help you make more money by learning how to maneuver Google+!


Ozeal Debastos Ozeal DeBastos

You’re about to meet a band of creatives who are ready to help you push past your edges. Get the tools and ideas you need with Ozeal DeBastos’ No Permission Needed! (You know I love that name, right?? What about you??) Check out a little Lupe and then jump over and dig on the Connected Creatives!


Carlton Taylor Carlton Taylor

Dance, network, have FUN with Carlton Taylor's virtual dance studio that will allow you to share the screen and take the same class as your friends - virtually! This dude’s got some crazy stuff going on…go meet him!! Enjoy his track and sign up!


10th Mountain Whiskey 10th Mountain Whiskey

In case you’re the adventurous type and love trying whiskey that DIDN’T come from Kentucky, these guys have something for you. 10th Mountain Whiskey’s a new whiskey in town, hailing from Vail, Colorado! But they need some help. They’ve only got a few days left of their Kickstarter campaign and it would be AWESOME if you could jump over there and donate to their startup, choose the goodies you want in return for your pledge, and then come back and check out their track.

SOOOO, go do that…I’ll wait.

Sweet! Thanks! (PS click the share button and tell your friends so they can help out, too!) NOW, check out this track…I will tell you that even though this is country…it’s not bad ;) What Whiskey song could be??)

And for you Spotify buffs: Here's your Official Garage Party Spotify Playlist:

How awesome were these peeps and their gigs?? Feeling some collab possibilities? Don't be shy! Reach out and say hello – these are all hella cool cats waiting to meet you. :) Thanks for being here this week! See you at the next Garage Party!

Kick Ass! Tania Dakka



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