Monday Mosh Pit Post (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Miki Strong

Friday means it's time to have a blast meeting entrepreneurs who are working their asses off so they can make the lives of others better. But we get to take a peek through a tiny peep hole into their hearts, into who they are, when they share their favorite songs with us! And as always, there are some amazing peeps on board, so check them out and connect with them. Tell them you heard about them on the Garage Party!  

MollyPatrick Molly Patrick

I don't know where I keep finding these vegans...but they're pretty cool! Meet Molly Patrick! She's the Bold Vegan and is offering a one week clean food cleanse! And after reading that sexy copy, I'm ready to cleanse!


MelissaGWilson Melissa G Wilson

This is an amazing woman that I've had the pleasure of working with on several occasions! Melissa G Wilson is into some amazing projects like the Spark Tank! It's where Chicago locals can go to get high tech learning with a human touch. It was Melissa's dream to make tech accessible for all in her corner of Chi-town and she's made it happen!


ModernSavage Modern Savage

Okay. I'm giving these guys a spot. I've been after them for weeks to be a VIP on the Garage Party. Mainly because I ADORE their mentality and their LOGO! Is that thing not insane??? The Modern Savage isn't about experiencing life through multi-media. They believe in getting out and living it, in creating a magnificent life through hard work and toil. Their tees are emblazoned with "Relentless Determination. Unwavering Resolve." YES! Check out their lifestyle apparel!

So. Meet Modern Savage!

I'm giving them "Determined" because they are all about determination! (Plus it was an excuse to play MY favorite song!! Bahahahah!)


LimitlessMegan Limitless Megan

Learn how to read Lenormand - It’s kind of like Tarot, but not. It shows you an image of right now and what’s going on in your life. Check out Megan’s class and learn to read your intuition in your life and your biz.

CricketWilsonHarris  Cricket Wilson-Harris

If you want to close the gap between what you envision your website to be and DO for you and what it IS, Cricket Wilson-Harris is the woman to do it! She comes highly recommended, so she always has a waiting list. You want a pro site that screams you are even more magical than you already are? She'll make it happen! You want to be an A-lister, your site needs to be an A-lister, too. Hit me for more info.


MikiStrong Miki Strong

Meet the woman who wants to make you more money, Miki Strong! She's going to give you the blueprint you need to stop taking less than you deserve! She works with women to help them develop packages and signature programs that you'll love to deliver so you can stop under-earning, stop over-working, and unstick your cash flow!


And don't forget to plug in the awesome that is the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist!

That's it for this week's Garage Party! Reach out to these cool cats and say hello! Want to be a VIP, too? Email me at tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com! See you next week!

Kick Ass – Always!

Tania Dakka





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