Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Princess!

Friday isn't the end of the week for entrepreneurs. But Friday night? We get to let loose with the general population and behave like the rest of the world. Well, most of us can, at least. So, Friday night is the night that I spend introducing new-found ass-kickers to my little community of over 3000 entrepreneurs. And we get to enjoy plenty of great music while we do it! The Garage Party is always a load of fun, but what's more important are the friends that are made, the products that are discovered, and the talent that is exposed. If you haven't been on the Garage Party, drop an email to tania (at) taniadakka (dot) com and let's get you on!


Lynette Barbieri

Moms are no longer left to figure out this entrepreneurial gig all on their own! Lynette Barbieri and EThinkTankMoms is dedicated to giving them the tools they need to finally realize their dreams!


IanMcNay Ian McNay

Meet Ian McNay and Marketing Stick! Ian's fanatical about businesses and their success and he has a killer tool to help you get organized, increase traffic, and manage your online rep!


NicoleLarson Nicole Larson

Nicole Larson wants you to be brave, not broke! Real creatives drink champagne...well, they do when they work with her! Tell the odds to SHOVE it!


BariTesslerLinden Bari Tessler Linden

This chick? Is a rockstar! You want to meet and be a part of her world! She an amazing chica, a financial therapist (HELLO!? As long as you tell me I can spend on my Thunda, I'm good, chica!), and a mentor!

Meet Bari Tessler Linden!


JerryDennis Jerry Dennis

Which Trailblazer is right for you? Which Camaro is going to give you the freedom to hit the road like at bat out of hell so you can experience life again?

Jerry Dennis can help you figure that out! He's the newest rockstar to join the Chevy team and you can find him on Facebook!


PrincessTheBand Princess

And let's meet tonight's Surprise VIP: Princess! This band comes highly recommended by Cricket Wilson-Harris and we all know what that means!

This is a local Denver band with music that will melt your face! m/ Horns up, people! They have a live show at Lost Lakes Lounge in E. Colfax tomorrow night. Check them out!


Plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist and crank up an eclectic array of goodness to inspire your creativity!

That's it for this week! Join us Friday night at 8pm ET on Facebook, Twitter, or G+ to see who next week's VIPs will be!

Kick ass!

Tania Dakka





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