Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Jamie Varon

You work hard to get your name out there. You're doing work that's changing people's lives and all you want is to let them know about it. That's what the Garage Party's all about. Focusing on you, your project, and a peek into your soul via the song that makes you move – no matter what you're up to. The party's not only about spreading your name, but about meeting people who might be able to help you, who might be someone you would want to collaborate with, who you might just want to build a bridge with.

Just like this week's VIPs!


SophiaLovett Sophia Lovett

Sophia's a chick after my own heart! Now she helps entrepreneurs create personality-based, yet rockstar-worthy brands, but her background? MUSIC! She knows how to rock your brand - and make you human-like at the same time! Check out her song and her site! Say HI to Sophia Lovett!


JennaSoard Jenna Soard

Jenna's designed a sexy course for peeps like you called "You Can Brand" and it's for those of us who have never designed before, who don't have a logo, who have a brand (but it isn't resonating with their ideal customers), or who DIY'd your brand and it looks like it. (Who resonates with that one??) Check out her song and her site - and say HI!


CarrieCharles Carrie Charles

You're sitting on the beach, sipping piña coladas when you hear a shrill from the next room snapping your neck right out of the daydream you were living in at your desk. Damn it. You know you can have that life, but you just can't get past the procrastination of making it happen. Carrie can. She can get you past the roadblocks we all tend to throw in our way so we can design the lives of our dreams. Check her out and check out her track! Say HI to Carrie Charles!


TomKat Tom Kat

Traditionally, visitors to Colombia would have to talk to locals, dig up resources, hope the instructor answered when they reached out, wait to set up times for lessons, etc. Wasting days of their vacation time. Now, Tom has developed an online platform to connect visitors to instructors, so they can then schedule their time. Boom. The process takes minutes, not days, from your vacay. Say HI to Tom and check out his site!


MarkSieverkropp Mark Sieverkropp

"Stop doing jobs that make you miserable" - Gotta love a hook like that! Mark Sieverkropp is determined to help you do the work you love. Work You Love is about giving you access to courses, support, and experts that you need access to to shift into the career you thought didn't exist for you, until now. Join Mark and stop doing work that leaves you unfulfilled today.


Greesonbach Josh and Sarah Greesonbach

Looking for content with style? Check out Josh and Sarah at Greesonbach Creative! They've got you covered with their content and copywriting when you're too busy to do it yourself (Josh currently has an Indiegogo campaign running to fund his music. Check it out! )


JamieVaron Jamie Varon

Want to give your customers a Brandgasm? Learn everything you need to learn to give them a customer experience like they won't get anywhere else in your industry. I took the Brandgasm course (shut up...I'm still working on implementing thankyouverymuch)  and it's a powerful tool that anyone who wants to makeover their site should have in their hands. (PS...Jamie created the course with Ash Ambirge - my hero and Copywriting Goddess) DO it.


And as always, you can plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist for inspiration to get it done!

LOOVED all these VIPs and their tunes this week (as I do every week!) What about you? Interested in becoming a VIP? You can! There's limited space, so each week, 7 VIPs will be featured...if you want in, slide me an email with your favorite song, the link you want promoted with it, and a weensy bit about why you rock!

Kick ass this week!

Tania Dakka