Monday Mosh Pit (Entrepreneur Style!) - Featuring Andy White

Remember riding with your BFF when your favorite song comes on? The volume's suddenly pushed to ear-damaging. The pedal meets the floor. And your spirit soars far outside your body. Music takes away your sensibility, gives you a sense of power and removes doubt...even if only for a moment in time. Music has the power to change worlds. To change lives. That's the beauty of the Garage Party: Business is about changing lives so we get to meet new people who are doing the same thing as we are, the same thing as the music we all love.  Want to share your business with 3000+ entrepreneurs, too? Email me why you're awesome (and trust me, you are!) with your favorite song and the link you want shared :) But first...see what these cats are up to!

OmarZenhom Omar Zenhom

This first dude? Is offering something you want, trust me. LOL

What if you could skip all the guesswork behind your biz? Omar Zenhom wants to make sure you do! Check out his FREE course and his DAILY 10 - minute free business lessons via his podcast and his song:$100-mba-show-daily-10-minute/id906218859?mt=2

Please give him a listen and leave a rating and a review! (Pretty please ) He's delivering the goods just for you!


AdamBrowne Adam Browne

This next guy? Is doing it right. He will deliver you a customized meal plan and workout plan so you can keep your biz going without sweating the crapwork you know you have to do, but don't want to do. Your business needs you and for the cost of one of your sales each month, he'll help you make sure you have the tools to be at your best! Check out Adam and what he's working for you!


AndrewWee Andrew Wee

Andrew Wee?? He's got the deets on how to get what you really want. (YOU need him.) He's teaching the what's what on affiliate marketing, blogging, and social marketing. Check him out and his song! (And earn some extra moula!)


NickKizirnis Nick Kizirnis

Nick Kizirnis has a new album out. And you know me, I loves some new tunes! His latest, Barrier Reef, covers everything from surf rock to full-on sci-fi themes. Check out what he's cranked out for you. It's great focus and getting things done!

Check out his song Wilco's "Via Chicago" and his album!


CorrineMarasco Corrine Marasco

Corrine Marasco wants to take you from Ah-HA! to project delivery! And how many times you've gotten stuck and not known what to do? Corrine is going to get you unstuck. Check her out and start delivering!


DanaReed Dana Reed

We have more handcrafted beauties for those every day occasions! Dana Reed's creating gorgeous stuff in Vancouver. Check all the unique cuffs, earrings, and necklaces she's crafting for you! There are two collections: Japantown and Vancouver. So be sure to check out both :) (PS Check her site name: Dan's Garage, Fine Metal Workshop - LOOOOVE!)


AndyWhite Andy White

This next dude? He's a troublemaker. He's helping worlds collide. He's helping the worlds that should be invade the worlds that are.

Get to know Andy White and put fuel on that fire that's burning inside you. Sign up for his weekly email that will keep you inspired and up-to-date on new courses and material you'll need to help you change your world.


And don't forget to plug into the Official Garage Party Spotify playlist when you need some inspiration. Follow the list to get updates on new tracks added every week!

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Kick ass (forget taking names)!



Tania Dakka