Make a Membership Site, Make Money

Someone, out there, is waiting for you to teach them how to do what you do. Sure, you can start a blog, put up some videos on Youtube, and actually send emails to your list. But, why stop there? Why not dig into the meat of what you do and create a membership site around it? That was the premise behind If Simply: You know something. You build a membership around it to teach those who want to learn it. You become more successful.

Keith Griffis of If Simply sat down with me the other day to teach me how he's revolutionized the way these sites are built. He's made it super easy to start and maintain yours so your members get top-notch content and will pay top dollar for it.

We originally decided to meet because I thought this could somehow turn out to be a platform for the Garage Party. Nope, but I fell in love with it and it could make a great platform for the Entrefiends, or maybe a new home for Badass'D Rebels (name still pending). 

How easy is it to start my membership site?

All you do is enter your email address to start creating your membership site on Once you click through your confirmation email, you'll be taken to a real time editor that'll allow you to create your bio and profile. That's it. Now, you can start your club! 

The drag and drop, real-time editing makes it super easy. It's creating the actual courses that'll be harder (but, you can do it!) And maybe THAT needs to be a series of posts to come?


On your club page (PS: that's what each members' site is called, a "club"), you'll see all your info organized there together. The courses, the discussions, and the articles. You can encourage members to take discuss your course materials amongst themselves, but you'll get a better response if you're in there yourself (at least in the beginning) to dig in and hold their hands for a while. The club organization makes it easier for people to find your info and to stay engaged. Yay!

How do I get paid?

The really cool part is the ease of the sales page creation. Once upon a time, sales pages were tricky to set up properly, but Keith and Justin have made it a breeze for you to sell and upsell your membership levels with their real-time editor and already-fixed layout. That's where you get mo' money ;)

Take a look at how easy this sales page is:

If Simply | Badass'D Biz+Ink Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 5.02.08 AM

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 5.02.19 AM

So, there's that!

Then, there's a tight upsell page that's just as easy for you to set up. Drag and drop, real-time editing and the proper sales page layout...done for you.

When people start paying you for their membership, IfSimply gets 30% for making life so much easier for you. ;) Not bad!

Have you thought about setting up a membership site? Keith's done loads of them over the years and decided it was time for a better solution. Try If Simply and start your own membership site for free today!

Kick Ass! Tania Dakka



(Disclosure: I'm not affiliated with IF Simply, I just fell in love with it!)