Marshmallow Butt...Yeah...I'm talking to YOU!

An old friend saw me at the mall the other day (from behind). She says, "Tania, is that YOU??" I turned to see my friend still cute...not at all marshmallowish. "What's happened to you??" (She so politely reminds me I'm not in the shape I used to be in.)

"Oh," I stalled, digging through my brain to find some snappy comeback that was nowhere near the edge of my lips. "I've been working a lot lately."

The disgust that was clearly written all over her face brought my blood to the surface.

That friend that I saw at the mall...was me.

I glanced in the mirror as we passed and almost ran home...screw the car.


Putting my hand on my arse, I discovered where there once was a semblance of firmininity was now complete mush!!

I almost died.

WTH?? Then, it hit me.

Writer's Bum.

For those of you kind enough to notice, I've been MIA for a couple of weeks. No Twitter. No Facebook. Nothing.

It's sort of a self-imposed...thing. Self-imposed meaning I chose to work.

Yes. Shocking...I know.

One of the goals that I set for myself at the start of 2012 was to get my writing career going. Thankfully, that's what's up.

But with all that work...time and energy to workout disappeared. Unfortunately so did the little bit of muscle tissue I had worked so hard to develop. Now, my arse is officially mush.

Don't YOURS any better?

Go ahead and see.


Thought not (didn't stop you from laughing at me, though...did it?).  :)

Is it too late to turn these marshmallows back to bricks and rid ourselves of this dreaded Writer's Bum??


But how??

Lots and lots of HIITs.

Writer's Bum's become an epidemic (especially with the number of writers who are actually writing now because The Big Six are falling).

What are you going to do about your ever-softening parts?

Join me for some arse-kicking HIITs next week? Find me on Facebook and come hang out. I'll be seeking out moments to post an HIIT and my results. You game? Or are you LAME?


No, really, I love ya...and I want you to ROCK your WRITING! (And working out does help...really.)

Here I am...let's connect! Facebook, Twitter, Google+  :)

This one's for you, Alicia Sparks (@aliciasparks)


Photo Credit: Elena Elisseeva via shutterstock