Manifesto of a Legend

Everything you do is punctuated by power.

Life, as you know it, is dictated by drive.

And Success? Is determined by every action you take.

You are a legend. And your clients feel it in the way you talk and the way you show up.

Even if, some days, you don’t feel like showing up.

Because your senses are acutely aware that if you don’t show up your business doesn’t either.

You DEVOUR fear. You guzzle doubt. You harness every drop of negative energy and transform it into steam that powers you day after day.

And it’s that day-to-day that most can’t handle. It’s the grind of digging deep into the soul that pushes people away from showing up.

Because when you make yourself visible, you make yourself vulnerable.

When you expose your own thoughts to public scrutiny and one of two things will happen: they’ll love you for it, OR they’ll crucify you for it.

And only legends like you are willing to take that risk.

So you put yourself on public display.

Every day.

You bare your soul.

Every day.

You take risks.

Every day.

And you fuck up your competition.

Every day.

Disavow any and every fear.

Every day.

Invoke the Legend-Maker Trifecta.

Every fucking day.

Ignore every voice.

Except that of your soul.

Every day.



Every day.

Allow fear and failure as much as you allow success.

Every day.

That’s how you Rock Your Legend.

Every fucking day.