Know, Like, But There’s No Way I’m Going To Trust You (Part TWO)

Last week we talked about Step 1 of the selling process.

This week’s Rabbit Hole is Like.  Because once people know who you are, they are going to decide whether or not they like you.

And if they don’t? Sales stop here.

Disclaimer: This piece is not about becoming something you’re not so that people will like you.

Fuck That.

This is about stepping more into who you are so YOUR people like you.

In Fire of the Diamond, we opened up a discussion about finding people in the pit of hell that has become Facebook groups.

Some said “Interact with everybody, it’s about connecting not selling.”

Only part of that I agree with. IT IS about connecting not selling. But, I don’t think you should go in and start commenting on every single post just to connect (to her point, I don’t think she meant that extreme either).

But that’s what some do. And it feels forced and fake.

Some said they use their intuition.

To a degree, I do that, too.

It’s way more common than you think.

Think about it. How do you decide if you should spend time answering posts?

A)    The Wording of the post

If the tone/inflection content of the post resonates with you, you respond.

Depending on the service you offer and where you are in the growth of your own biz, and your ideal client (or lack of knowledge of), you may choose to answer everything related to what you do.

If you’re new and still learning and growing, get your ass out there and answer everything you can (and even the ones you’re scared to). But DO NOT SPEND HOURS DOING this. This is not your focus. This is only a step in the big plan.

If you have an intimate knowledge of your ideal client, then get out there and look for her. Don’t waste precious minutes answering questions that won’t lead to relationships.

Because relationships are built because you LIKE each other.

This is not a Black and White scenario, of course.

Your job is to be seen, heard, and adored. Some will be your ideal and some won’t. My point is take a little extra care in nurturing the ones that matter.

So be fucking helpful to many but mostly to YOUR  Kinds o’ peoples.

b) Profile Pics matter.

Yes, I recently had a dead tree on my profile pic. Yes, I’m sure it affected who might reach out to me. Yes I knew that and didn’t/don’t care.

But I can say this: people judge. And, they look at your profile pic in that process.

So be aware – before you choose dead trees – that your future relationships could be affected.

That said – if what you have said or have to say is that important, they may look beyond the gnarled branches.

Getting people to “like” you is not at all about being someone they’ll like but being more you and looking in the right places for the people who resonate with you.

Create shit that’s fun/funny/entertaining/educational.

That’s what they like from you.

When you create do NOT create from a space of “This is going to make me millions!”

Create from a space of “‘you are struggling, I can help.”

People like you when you want to help them over your wallet.

And PS? Don’t try to fake that shit either – we can smell it.

If you’re desperate, your posts will show it.

How to get into the right emotion – creating space:

1. Be grateful for the bullshit as much as you are for the easy shit. Not just out loud or on paper – DIG those emotions up from your soul. Think about how much worse shit could be and begin to adore where you are.

2.  Write down who you are until you forget the credit card bill that’s due tomorrow – “I am fucking fierce”, “I have powerful knowledge that helps thousands of people”, etc. You get the idea.

3. Spend a few minutes focusing on your clients’ problems that you solve. Then go write about the solutions.

4. Do it with a fucking lilt in your voice. (Anyone else ever heard that from their G’ma?)

People will NOT come running to a sour puss. Sour shit repels people. Fake repels people.

Be You. Be good at being you. Smile while you do it.

What do I create now that I’ve gotten my panties out of my ass?

1. VIDS!!!

People LOVE vids. And they don’t have to be all biz.  Let them see you and grow to like you via the magic of Vid.

Fuck perfect lighting.
Fuck a great camera.
Fuck whatever excuses you can muster for not doing it.

2. Give them shit – they love that.

“Oh, I made you this download!”
“Dude! I’ve been listening – so I made you this” etc. Give it all away.
Your ideal client will likely accept your gifts, but they’ll come pay you, too, because they love you so much.

3. Blog, email, IG, Show The Fuck Up!

I really don’t care how you do it. Just show up.

Here’s the thing: You’re here because you have big fucking dreams. And you’re not going to let the little things stop you. You Know you have what it takes and growing up so people like you enough to WANT to develop trust is step two.

Next week we’ll dig into Step Three – TRUST.

Because with Trust?

Your Legend is built.