Know, Like, But There’s No WAY I’m Going To Trust You Part ONE (yep...there’s more coming)

Selling online has become sooo everyday that anyone can do it. But not everyone will.

Because they’re in a hurry. They only want to sell ads – so-and-so sold $8,976,863,354 in 48 hours because they launched the most successful Facebook ads campaign in the history of fucking April 2016.

Therefore I can, too.

No. Sorry, just because you say you have the solution to their self-esteem issues and that you learned all your techniques while living with Buddhist monks in the Himalayas doesn’t mean you have the authority, the know-how, the credibility to back up what you claim.

It also doesn’t mean you have a right to skip the steps of the KLT process.

I’m not going to insult you and pretend you’ve never heard of KLT. I know you’ve done enough research and have been hunted down by marketing peeps enough to know KLT means Know, Like, and Trust.

But have you looked at your site and your social branding/copy/graphics/everyfuckingthing else and put it through “The TEST”?

This series will cap off the “Why I won’t trust you” part.

Right now, let’s dig into Know, what you’re not doing, and what you should be doing to get people to know you. Because your main focus should be to reach ungodly numbers, to amass an audience of hundreds of thousands, to build a powerful list that sustains your monthly/yearly income needs, and to become the GO-TO in your industry...and in others!


How do people get to “know” you?

If you’re a coach swimming in the shark pools that have become once-useful Facebook groups, you spend time in there answering questions and meeting people – don’t be a post & run assassin and just drop into post without reading or TRYING to respond to anything else. You’re fighting against the 6,947,942 other coaches in those groups. And no one is going to pay attention to you if you do that.

If you’re a product-based biz, you’re likely running ads (I hope they stand out and that you’re not cranking out words that everyone else is saying.) and relying on the positioning of your copy and visuals of your website to speak for you, in addition to meeting people in social. (Technically, even if you’re service-based, you need to rely on your copy and visuals, too...but drop-shippers tend to function a little differently.)

But either way, you’re using words to meet people.

What are you saying when they meet you?

Are you leaving an indelible mark on your target customers’ hearts from the first time you meet?

PS? I do NOT at ALL mean that your words have to be business based. I met most of my clients just being me and not pushing copy on them the first time we met.

PPS? (Is it PSS??) This is the slowest fucking road to China ever built, in fact, it’s still under construction. And will always BE under construction. Because that’s business.

So. Back to the words:

Be you. Just fucking be you. People will like you. They will. Do they want your shit shoved down their throats all the time? No. So don’t just share your biz smarts or your product, share YOU.

The GOOD stuff in you. The things that make people laugh and smile and want to be around you.

(And create ads.)

Let’s face it. This is business. Not the playground. It’s just not ALL business.

Allow your presence to shine. Use words that HOVER so high above the noise that they only see you. And create ads. Or webinars. Or podcasts. Or...or...or….Just fucking CREATE.

Because the more you create, the more they get to know you and your process.

Pull Back the Throttle

That fucking long as hell road to China? Isn’t going to pay for your internet access. So, you have to twist the throttle a bit to make it happen faster. (Did you add “Pussycat” to that?? I did)

  1. Suck.

    Teach them the shit they need to know that Elissa down the street hasn’t gotten right yet. If you don’t know what they need to know, break down your process into steps and pick it apart and share that.

    Just don’t settle for mediocre.

    On the other hand, you have to suck.

    You cannot learn who you are or what you have to offer or whether or not you’re in the wrong fucking business unless you suck first.

    But most people freeze at that “don’t settle for mediocre” shit because they don’t want people to look at them and think, “Why is she recording on a plain white background?” “Why doesn’t she look the camera in the eye?” “What the FUCK was that blog supposed to be about? Gah. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading that!”

    Those are the thoughts that paralyze people. To the point that they don’t even realize they are actually, literally paralyzed.

    What paralysis looks like:

    “I can’t make a video today, I have no idea what I’m going to talk about”
    “I don’t have the right camera yet”
    “HOLY SHIT! I was going to post that SAME fucking idea and SHE beat me to it”
    “WTF I can’t think of a single thing to write about”
    “I don’t know how to say what I want to say”
    “The kids are up...there goes that idea”
    “I can’t post that, it has nothing to do with my brand”
    “I can’t post that vid, I said ‘UM’ exactly 523,457 times”

    They are all excuses you tell yourself.

    They’re all evidence, symptoms, of paralysis. They’re all your brain telling you you’re not good enough. Go sit down.

    Shut the fuck up, are.

    If you can push yourself to LET yourself SUCK, if you can produce without worrying about what someone else says or thinks, if you can stomp on that lovely ego of yours, you can make it.


    None of anything I write matters if you don’t have something to teach or share.

  2. Invest in ads.

    With the noise as magnified as it is right now, you need ads. Even if it’s a few dollars a week. Fucking stop eating at Taco Bell for a month and use that as your ad spend.

    Write ads that don’t fucking say: “What would it look like to live your dream”
    Write ads that say: “What would it look like to live your dream”


    What I mean is go for the creative, the unique, the YOU. But TEST it against the creative. Get results and tweak. One fucking run does not a test make in any lab or market.

    Learn. Grow. Repeat.

    Ads are a necessary evil now. Stop trying to get by on word-of-mouths alone.

  3. Hire a goddamn team.

    One-human shows fizzle and fade out or they take YEARS to cultivate what a team could. Having a team doubles your productivity. It allows you to FOCUS on your craft.

    Because if you are struggling to learn ads or plug in tech that doesn’t cooperate, you’re not evolving your craft. You’re not positioning yourself closer to mastery, authority, or credibility.

    What makes a team?

    Anything you delegate to others makes you no longer a one-human show. And I am NOT one to advocate going into debt for anything. I am one to advocate making shit happen, even if it’s through blind faith.

    The first time I hired Dani of, it was on a credit card, but I told myself that if I didn’t make enough money that month, that would be the last month.

    I did. And I have since.

    But you don’t have to have a Dani, though I recommend it for anyone willing to actually make something of their business...actually go from a hobby to a full-income earning business.

    You can hire shit out to Fiverr. You can hire a temp VA. You can hire a technical VA. Hire somebody to create a website (do NOT use WIX). Hire out your copy, if not to the best, at least hire it out to someone else who is knowledgeable about the craft.

    I don’t care how you go about getting it done, just as long as you put yourself in a position to make yourself the BEST at your craft so you can create and connect.

    Just admit that your dream is bigger than your fear and roll the fuck on.

  4. Create.

    At this point, regardless if you are a product-based or service-based company, if you want to win at the game of getting people to know you?

    You have to fucking CREATE.

    It has been said many times before, but so many people resist the idea:

    You are a media company.

    It is your responsibility to grow your name through content, as well as your sparkling fucking personality.

    Videos, graphics, blogs, tactics, strategies, emails, ads. You have a MASSIVE arsenal at your disposal.

    Use them.     

    Don’t focus on ad/promo-type content only. People need to see you. They want to know you. Remember? That’s how all this shit starts.

    Expose yourself. Everywhere. And all the time.

    Just make it INTERESTING.


    Again...this is not a permission to freeze and say, “I don’t know how to show up” or “I don’t know what to say” or “I say ‘UM’ too much”.

    This is a fucking permission to LEARN those things. To look for opportunities to show up.

    Flaws and fucking all.

Your goal is to let people KNOW who you are. Step up. Build your LEGEND.

Every fucking day.

Need help mapping out your KNOW plan? Book a Jam Session and I’ll help you pound it out...WITHOUT A PITCH.

Stay tuned for the “LIKE” part of all this shiz. <3