3 Elements of Successful Online Growth That You Might Be Ignoring (A Gardner's Version)

3 elements of online success | Tania DakkaSitting on dry soil, waiting for the right anything, does not a successful online business grow. Ideas don’t blossom on their own. They don’t wait for the right time to become fully envisioned WOW!s. You have to nurture them and feed them with love, care and attention - you know, just like those damn African Violets you keep killing. No, wait...that was me. Sorry.

Confidence and connections and are the food and water which grow your biz, once you have a fertile place to grow them.

Where to Plant Your Roots for Successful Online Growth

Beyond your own website that’s donned in copy the temperature of 1000 rising suns, Google+ Communities are powerful beds of deep, rich soil for the growing of your business.

But don’t get lost in the weeds.

Being a part of just any community isn’t going to give your biz the oomph and va va va voom! it needs to thrive and bloom. Because not all groups are created the same.

Ones which simply allow people to come in and graffiti the walls with links and no interaction are the weeds. And you won’t likely grow many helpful relationships there.

But, communities who prompt and prod you to engage with your peers are the communities where the magic happens. They are where the sparkly stuff takes hold and you begin to see new growth and feel yourself expand into a bigger, braver you.

The Food of Successful Growth


Have confidence that you can, have and do make a difference in the lives of others every. Day.

Have confidence that your idea and your vision are worth living out and there’s no one better to give it character, bounce, or fire than you.

Have confidence that you are the reason you succeed or fail and that the last option isn’t an option.

Without this power food, you’re biz is ten feet under tied to a concrete cinder block yanking at the rope scrambling to get up for air.

Don’t drown your vision in hopes someone will help you figure it out. They won’t. You have to do it yourself. Because you can. Because you have confidence in yourself to do it.

But we can’t live by bread alone.

The Water You Need to Grow


I don’t mean the kind of connections that let you rant about how you’ve worked so hard developing and nurturing your business, you just don’t have time to pick up the kids’ clothes off the floor. Me again? Damn. Sorry.

I mean connections who tell you what you’re doing sucks, you’ve got to go back and rethink that - without making you feel like an ass.

I mean the connections who lift you up when you’ve done something sparkly and say, “Look at you! You knew you could do it!”

I mean the connections who help you find answers when you don’t know where to look.

This is about RELATIONSHIPS, people.

These are the connections from which businesses grow. Not empty networks which only bear Link Fruit in hopes you’ll like and share. Those associations are based on a $ value (or maybe an @ value), not an emotional value.

And online work isn’t about consumerism anymore. It’s about kinship, interconnectedness, and community.

They have problems, you have solutions. Because you care. Not because you’re here to pay the rent (although if this art is your masterpiece that will happen in the end, anyway).

Food and Water Yield Wow!

Once you know you’re as powerful as you give yourself permission to be, and once you’ve mastered the art of helpworking, your business will only evolve into the psychedelic glamrock of beauty it was meant to be.

Your ideas and your vision will at last live and breathe, not only in your head and your heart, but online - and in the hearts of others, too. So grab your plot of dirt. Start watering and feeding your confidence and connections.

And watch as you and your biz blossom and bloom together into a drop-dead gorgeous incarnation of your vision.

Which one of these elements of success are you leaving untapped? Let me know below in the comments :)