Keep Waiting…

The most hurtful shit you can do to your profits is wait. I’m going to wait to put up a landing page because I don’t know what I want to use it for.

I’m going to wait to invest in a Director of Operations because I LOVE doing shit I am no good at.

I’m going to wait to launch that program because I need to do more market research.

What. The. Fuck. Ever.

Just say, “I’m going to wait because I’m scared.”


Fear is the ONLY reason we ever wait.

You’re afraid of losing money.
You’re afraid of making the wrong decision (guess what? Unless you’re dead? You can always change the road you’re fuck “mistakes” that don’t exist).
You’re afraid of someone seeing your work and judging you for it.

Just fucking do it.

Launch your program because Fear is standing behind you and he’ll never leave. So you have to learn to function like that.

Send off your book proposal. Because Fear doesn’t want you to.

See? Now you get it. Now you understand that you have to call on your inner Rebel Bitch to fuck Fear in the head with its own dagger.

And the deal is? If YOU are not the one holding the blade, he won’t subside (he’ll never die, he’s immortal. BUT you can wound him beyond capacity for a while).

Fear is an excuse.

I am afraid.

I’m afraid every day that I won’t succeed.
I’m afraid that my wolves won’t survive school bullies or their own demons.
I’m afraid that life is going to happen and I’ll not be able to deliver on time.

But you know what? They are all my own lies.

Fear and I are best friends.

But he knows I don’t have time for him. So I unsheath my blade every morning and I lovingly take it to his temple, cradling his neck in the crook of my arm and my breath on his ear, and thrust the tip squarely into his temple as I hold him tight.

He whispers, “Until tomorrow, my love.” And out go his lights.

But he doesn’t usually wait until tomorrow. He shows up all teeth grinning and ready to fight before the day is over.

No matter how you see it.

There are those who will argue that Fear is a safety measure and it aims to help us. But. I know my demons. By name. And this fucker doesn’t have my safety in mind.

Regardless of how you see Fear, regardless of how you want to get rid of it, you’ll never be able to.

You have to learn to work and live around it. To shut it down for a while. Just long enough to do the thing that you need doing.

That’s what we do in Fire of the Diamond.

We have real conversations about what’s real and what’s not. What you’re capable of and what you’re currently operating at. What you really, really want and what you’re willing to do to get it.

Fire of the Diamond is the sexy fight club where business owners battle themselves to let go of the distractions, the fears, the doubts, the pain, the uncertainty, and lack of knowledge to realize, to actualize the business owners they have to become in order to live and work the way they dream to.

We fight the good fight every fucking day.

And if you’re ready to beat Fear or any of your other excuses for not winning as much as you want to, then you need to click here and join us. (Besides knocking Fear the fuck out...I also get to help you tighten and hone all the words so they sell for you. Unbeatable.)

Or just keep waiting…