It takes TIME...and balls.

This week’s vlog brought to you by Bad Hair, Don’t KERRRR and balls. It’s a quickie, so give me 3:11 of your time and :30 to answer one quick question at the end to help you go another step today.


Gary Vee. 11 years ago.


Decided to start. And didn’t stop. Not because of fear. Not because of second guessing. Not because of comparisonitis.

Gary Vee. Sunday.


Yes. He has a team.

But because he got past the beginning.

Chris Brogan. 10 years ago.

Chris Brogan. One week ago.

Because he got past the beginning.

My point? These guys have been in the game for over 10 years. Pro comes with TIME. It comes with EFFORT. It comes with getting past the SUCK.

If you’re not producing content because you feel like you suck compared to people who have been doing this for a decade? Your decade will never pass, if you don’t start.

Let me know what’s stopping you in the comments or on Facebook.


If you want to laugh? I’ve been at this game for 4 years and I feel like I’m still standing in the same place when it comes to vid and content creation. But every day that passes is a new lesson that gets me closer to my goals. Are you with me?