Invaluable Business Support Every Serious Entrepreneur Needs (So you can finally get a massage and relax)

invaluable business support | Tania DakkaWhen’s the last time you took a day off? I mean an entire day – from the time your tootsies hit the floor until you laid your head back down on your pillow? I bet you don’t remember. And if you do, I bet you remember the guilt you felt for it.

And how much of that time that you were off were you really “off”? You know, not sitting at dinner secretly thinking about your next marketing step while your significant other chatters in the background about how horrible the day was and getting passed over for that promotion she knows she deserved more than the catty blonde.

You were there in body, but definitely not in spirit. Because your spirit’s intertwined with your biz and separating them would mean loss of oxygen, or at least the loss of a peanut butter Twix. Yeah, they’re that good.

People look up to you because you’re a “go-getter” and they want what you have – the drive to keep going.

But what happens when you just can’t go get it anymore?

Suddenly, no one's responding to you on social. Inbox zero is no longer a necessary goal. Because getting up and working on your business no longer makes you smile. Before it was passion and love of the game that pushed you, but  you’re tired and that love’s slowly dying.

You don’t have to burnout. You don’t have to give up. You don’t even have to slow to a NYC rush hour crawl.

Business Support

If you want to thrive as an entrepreneur, then stop trying to do it all alone. You need people backing you, cheering you on, and giving you feedback on ideas.

Find a group of them that you feel comfortable with (there are hundreds, if not thousands of them on Google+) and get active. Yes, you’ll have to invest a little time in the group, but you’ll end up making new friends (maybe even a client or two!) and you’ll end up with colleagues who know what it feels like to have a bazillion things to do everyday, to feel overwhelmed at times, but who know how to help you not to let those feelings win.

If you’re lucky enough to have a support network at home, take advantage of that, too. The more you involve your family, the less they’ll fuss when you have a marketing campaign to write instead of going to the movies.


As an entrepreneur, you have far too many hats to wear. The thought of having to network, record sales, report taxes, do your own graphics bites, write your own posts, design your own website, tighten your skill set, create new and better tools and content for your users, plus keep up with your ever-changing industry is enough to bring tears even to the baddest of asses’ eyes.

So stop. Stop trying to do everything.

Main Street brick and mortars can’t survive one person doing all, neither can successful online businesses. Main Street has to invest in a building (a beautiful website), advertising (content marketing), and possibly even an accountant (your own books) so it can focus on giving their customers the best possible experience. So why not do that with your online business?

Invest in website design and support to create an online showroom you’ll be proud to have people walk in. Foster positive emotions when you invest in hot copy that they connect with. Invest in software or an accountant that’ll help you keep track of your numbers (because damn, that stuff'll drive you nuts after an hour!), so you can focus on the what you love most: Creating products, services, and tools your ideal clients so desperately need to make their lives more fulfilling.

You want to take a semblance of a day off? Get help. Then, go have a massage at the spa because, now, you have 15 less items on your to-do list. Congrats! Don't you feel better already??

Tell me in the comments what support do you need most? What stops you from getting it? And how can I best help you??