Yahoo (the super, incredible news reporters they are) reports a man and his family finding $45,000 in the attic of the home on which they closed earlier this week.  Mr. Ferrin, in spite of his and his family's monetary situation, opted to return the money to the deceased owner's family.  Stating that he has hopes of putting away savings for his children, he envisioned the owner, climbing the ladder and wrapping the bills with twine knowing that he was setting aside what he could for his own children; he couldn't not give it back to them. Some people believe in karma, that what they do will come back to them.  Some believe in righteous deeds.  Some believe that all is fair in love and war.  What do you believe?  Would you have been Mr. Ferrin in Salt Lake City, UT returning said bills?  On what basis would you return them...because it was the right thing to do?  In hopes to gain something from your good deed?  On what basis would you have kept the money?

The lesson Mr. Ferrin taught his children in returning that money was priceless.  He could have solved many a financial problem with his find, but he chose to take the high road.  Integrity...he's got it.  What about you? :)