I write your legend- But you have to live it

When clients come to me and tell me what they do, I can tell right away whether or not they understand the depth of what they do.

I take the info they give me - I research their work and their results and fill in the gaps with the underlying emotion behind it.

So when I work with people, they walk away with words that express who they really are. The kick is that they didn’t see it before.

Let’s face it: We are all works in progress. We’re all doing and growing and learning and changing. This is life. Life is growing through change.

So when I write copy, I write for your past and your future.

It’s up to you to live up to what you read in your copy.

When you do, you make room for higher profits, higher end clients, and a life on lock.

So you want to build a legend? This is where you start.

Anatomy of Legend-Making

  1. Start off with an idea that has potential to stand out. (Hint: That’s not life coach, transformation coach, or business coach - think higher and deeper.)

  2. Be willing to push yourself way outside of your comfort zone to make it work.

  3. The self awareness to know your truest capabilities.

  4. The courage to do it - even if it might be wrong.

  5. The strength to do what you need to do every day - even when you don’t fucking feel like it.

  6. Display copy that pushes you to do it.

Creating your legend starts in your chest, behind your sternum. Let me in. Let me show you (and the world) what you are capable of.

Then go live it.