I Won't Write For You

There’s a ton of shit going on out there lately. And I’m not sure what’s up with all the frauds and phonies taking over.

But I’ve been approached by people I refuse to write for.

I won’t write for you if you smell like a quick dollar junkie.
I won’t write for you if you don’t feel like the real deal and can do what they say they can.
I won’t write for you if you’re not aufuckingthentic (finally a version of that word that I like!).


Because when I put pen to paper, it’s because I believe 100% in your ability to make a difference in people’s lives.

Because I need to know that you got the balls to stick out the tough times, to create the best times.

Because when I write for you, I fucking BLEED for you.

I put everything I have into everything I create.

And I’m not building a fucking fly-by-night, I-need-to-make-a-buck copywriting business. I’m building my name.

I am building YOUR name.

I’ve watched colleagues who aren’t making it as coaches, slap “copywriter” on their sites to try to turn things around.

I’ve watched “copywriters” shift from copy to coaching because, either, a) they couldn’t make it or b) they just didn’t like it or c) they didn’t like the grind of it. (And let’s be clear, I’m not talking about people who have truly evolved because they feel the calling to change...I’m talking about people who change businesses with the wind and the market.)

I’m here. I’ve been here. And I’m not going anywhere.

I write copy for 6- & 7-figure coaches because I’m GOOD at what I do. My goal is to be THE BEST at what I do.

Which is why if I smell a rat, I bolt. No project. I don’t need your money. Hit up Fiverr, B.

Why do I fucking care if someone isn’t who they say they are?

Because to bleed for you, I need to believe in you. And if I believe in you, I can help others to believe in you, too, so that the people who need you see who you really are.

People who say they are going to do X and then deliver Y...

People who PUSH people into going into DEEP goddamn debt for their services…

People who don’t know who they are or what they want...

These are not the people I write for.

I write for the powerhouses who KNOW they’re worth. The people who don’t have to bully people into their services.

I write for the people who KNOW they have a very powerful message, but need that nudge to get to the next level.

I write for the people who understand this is a hard fucking game and are willing to do the right thing for people, even if it means waiting until they are ready.

I write for people who have fucking HEART.

Because it’s their soul, their spirit, their will, their drive, their need to WIN that I put back into their business through the words I bleed onto their site.

That’s who I write for. And that’s what I do for them.