I won! I won!

Talk about giddiness first thing in the morning...my system may go into shock.  Christina Katz is holding the Everyday in May Book Giveaway this month.  You can find it here. From what I gather, it was something of a tradition that she has revived.  I am a happy that she did.  For the first time in my life, I have won something.  LOL  I am the proud recipient of Hallie Ephron's book Come and Find Me.  For those of you who don't know Christina Katz, she has been a key resource for this newbie.  She is the author of The Writer’s Workout, 366 Tips, Tasks & Techniques From Your Writing Career Coach, Get Known Before the Book Deal, Use Your Personal Strengths to Grow an Author Platform and Writer Mama, How to Raise a Writing Career Alongside Your Kid (which is sitting beside my computer as I type).  The latter is a wonderful guide to freelancing.  Basically, it is a step-by-step for those just starting out.  Love it.

The book from Hallie Ephron is a suspense novel and I am so ready to delve into it.  It is deemed a techie novel for even the non-techie readers.  I will post my thoughts on it in a separate post.

Starting out as a writer/wannabe author is hard.  It is so hard.  However, with resources like Christina Katz and Jane Friedman, it is getting easier by the day.  Now, if I could just find someone to tell me if my writing is worth pursuing...:)