I love my Author Platform!

This guest post is by Matt Turner, you may know him as Turndog Million. Matt's an ace strategist and brand story maker. He helps entrepreneurs tell their story and build their brands. He worked hard to build his Turndog Millionaire platform before his book, Beyond Parallel, was released and is now reaping the rewards. Note: Everyone needs a platform - even a freelancer. As an entrepreneur, you probably call it a "brand". And if you're business doesn't have a strong brand, this post is for you, too.    

It's the difference between being a writer, to a writer that's read. Without my platform I'd be invisible, which let's face it, is never fun. I know some people hate the idea of building an Author Platform; that it's counter productive and takes away from writing.

I don't see it like this. I consider the Author Platform as the be all and end all, and writing is merely one piece of the puzzle (albeit the most important piece). Without a platform I would write but not be read.

I thank my Author Platform daily, and although it's still small and growing, it keeps me heading in the right direction. This is what my Platform has given me:

Love Thy Author Platform

As a writer my biggest fear is obscurity. I'm not worried that Beyond Parallel might be held ransom to piracy or social sharing. Sure this may cut into some profits, but my biggest obstacle is avoiding invisibility.

An Author Platform can help tackle this, and this is how my ever-growingt platform has helped me in the last twelve months:

1: Friendship

This is always top of the list. I adore meeting people who have similar interests to me. My Author Platform has introduced me to some incredible people (Tania being one of them).

I've met readers, fellow writers, editors, Beta Readers, bloggers, and more.

I now know I can reach out and have people listen. If I have a question it will be answered, and if I need help, it'll be given. My Author Platform has given me this and I'm very very lucky.

2: Feedback

The majority of my Beta Readers for Beyond Parallel came via my Author Platform. The feedback offered has been invaluable, and has certainly helped create a better book.

It's not just the big stuff, though, but the everyday feedback I receive.

I'm always given great words that help me build better posts, better products, and better ideas. Sometimes this comes via people I know, and other times by complete strangers. Man I love my Author Platform!

3: New Ideas, Sites & Organisations

I love learning new things. Whether it's something to help promote Beyond Parallel or a new person who i just HAVE to follow. My eyes are always open.

My Author Platform is constantly introducing me to new things.

I consider myself very lucky to have a platform that's always pointing me in the right direction. This is how you learn and grow and progress. I hate the idea of standing still, and with my Author Platform this will never happen.

4: Experience

Once you have a responsibility to write, you write with vigour. My Author Platform gives me motivation to write on those dark days. Those days when you simply don't want to.

It forces me to stand up and write, and as such, become a better writer.

We're told we need to write a million words or for ten-thousand hours. Whichever is right, the point is to work at your craft. My Author Platform gives me a structure to do this.

5: Reach & Awareness

In general my platform is growing. I reach more people and slowly but surely see my brand reach new levels. This is what it's all about.

I want to one day stand tall and be someone that people recognise.

This doesn't happen overnight, but my Author Platform is pushing me higher and higher. My Blog, my speaking, my writing, my everything… they're reaching new people each and every day.

6: Outside The Box Thinking

An Author Platform doesn't just put you in front of people, but people with great minds. If you want to keep them interested then you have to work hard and think outside of the box.

Be creative or slowly dwindle away.

A platform does this. It keeps you creative and pushing toward exciting new levels. I love this. I love how I can never rest and take it for granted.

7: Authority

The final benefit my Author Platform has give me is authority. Don't get me wrong, I'm far from a recognised figure, but each day I wake up with a little bit more.

When people listen to what you say, it's easier to keep plugging away.

I may never be a famous writer or blogger, but I do believe I can get to a place where the right people know who I am. It isn't easy and it isn't guaranteed, but without an Author Platform it becomes so much harder.

What Are Your Thoughts On An Author Platform?

Like I say, some people love them and others don't.

Whichever camp you stand in, consider what a platform can offer YOU. Right or wrong, the modern day writer is more than a writer. Most of us have to work hard to get any recognition whatsoever, and the more opportunities we have, the better.

Speaking Coaching Blogging Teaching Consulting Advising

The potential is endless, but without a platform it becomes difficult to say the least. I'm far from the top, but Beyond Parallel wouldn't have the opportunities it has without my Platform.

Matthew Turner

Beyond Parallel is a touching story based on "What if?" Would they end up being lovers or would a single "what if" moment send them headlong down different paths? Check it out on Amazon US and Amazon UK  and Goodreads.