How to Not Make $8,575,989 with Your Copy

Earn More Money with Good CopyTap, tap, tap. Delete. Delete. Delete. Tap. Tap. Tap. 45.47 hours later and you’re still slaving away over your web copy for your new coaching service. You’ll finally start making the $8,575,989 you want to earn this year.

If you can ever get the damned copy right.

The words are there – floating about in your head. You know what you want to say, but as soon as you get close to them, they scramble away like a cat who knows he’s getting ready to get a bath.

It’s frustrating because the service description you’re writing sounds just like every other guys’ on the net, sterile and boring, but that’s not you. You don’t sound like that. You’re not a freakin’ infomercial for Magic Hair. Are you?

33 hours later...

(Let’s a total it, shall we? 45.47+33 = 78.47 hours!)

Whew!! You sit back and let Ronaldo wipe your brow because you’ve cranked out the words you wanted to shout from the rooftops from the beginning! WOohOo!

Good for you! You were determined to make it work.

Only it’s not.

You were too close to the material. Too close to the service to see the words clearly. (Click to tweet ? Thanks!)

It happens. To all of us. We’re in the mix of some of the highest emotions (desire to finish, anxiety to get started, frustrated because we want perfection) when we work with our businesses. And they all affect how we see the words we’ve written.

And writing sales copy isn’t the same as writing a kiss-my-ass letter to that jerk who left you sitting in the restaurant for two hours.

Yet you try anyway.

And 37 days later, you’ve sold exactly TWO sessions.

What happened?

The words you wrote sounded beautiful, right? You liked them. Your neighbor couldn’t believe that you wrote them. And your mom gushed to all her friends about how brilliant you are.

You know what? It doesn’t matter what you – or your neighbor or your mom – think.

That’s right. It doesn’t.

If your prospects or clients aren’t responding to your calls-to-action to sign up for your list or for the free consultation you’re offering, it’s because your words aren’t hitting their sweet spot.

Silky as they may be, they aren’t turning the readers emotions on. They need to feel your love before they’ll show you theirs.

Hence, it matters not what you think, Jabberwock.

The good news: It's fixable

You know your product rocks.

You know people need what you’re selling (you’ve tested it and gotten inspiring results!).

But you don’t know where things are going wrong.

Get feedback. Even the original Madman, David Ogilvy, himself, didn't rely on his own opinion of his work. He would get feedback from other people in his agency before moving forward with his campaigns.

But you don't have an agency to rely on. Where are you going to get that feedback?

Your mom? She’s going to tell you your writing towers the Illiad. And what good’s that doing you?

If you ask your best friend (who happens to be a nurse instead of a marketing person), what will she say?

You have to talk to people who know the right formulas for web copy (formulas aren’t just for geometry, ya know!).

Your readers do need your solution, but until you frame it right for them, they won’t see it. They’re simply waiting to read the “right words” before they realize they need to take action.

Without them, your sales or subscriptions won’t change.

Where to turn for copy help

It doesn’t really matter who owns the second set of eyes that’ll go over your copy, as long as they know copywriting: What your clients need, how to write persuasively, and the essential components for sales copy that actually has a record for selling.

Your sister-in-law may very well be that person. But, if she’s not, her “opinion” may not change your year-end earnings so you can sun on the decks of a Carnival cruise line this December.

So where can you get the help you need for your copy? Well, gee. I dunno. :-). I do them, but anyone who offers copy critiques should be able to go over your copy and help you optimize the words you’re using for maximum sales.

No matter who you get, keep this in mind, in 80% (that’s 8 0) of the copy reviews I’ve completed, sale-stopping mistakes were revealed. 80%. And the site owners had no idea that’s why their sales were suffering.

Does your copy fall in that 80%?


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