Giveaway: Impact Equation and It's Not About The Tights

Giveaway Tania Dakka | Copy FiendThere comes a time when you just have to give back. And this is it. I've learned so much from Chris Brogan and I'm thriving in my business now more than ever because he is such a great nurturer and a leader. There are over 150 people are in our Brave group (affiliate), and while I can't vouch for exactly how many of us are doing the work, I know there's a large number of us reaping the rewards from it because everyday we cheer each other on and meet up in the Google+ community or Facebook group to share our frustrations, ask for help, and get support.

His coaching through Brave has taught me to be daring and confident (two emotions that fill me everyday since starting this course). He's taught me how to deal with acceptance (I'm no longer a victim), what happens when we give ourselves permission, and how to get the daily tasks done (The Grind) that help us complete and achieve the visions that we set for ourselves.

It has been a mountain of power in my CAPE and I cannot thank him enough for what he's taught me. But what I can do is give YOU the tools you need to experience these same feelings of confidence and control that I feel. For the first time, I set my sights on a goal and I'm seeing them come to fruition.

What would it feel like for you to do that? What would your  life feel like if you woke up each morning and saw the day as another chance to get closer to your dream?

Well, that's why I'm giving you these books.

I want you to be filled with the same sense of completion and happiness. To be filled with the same sense of control and ownership that wakes me up happy and raring to get at each day.

Imagine knowing what you want to achieve and knowing the steps to get there.

That's what you can develop with these books.

The Impact Equation will teach you, not about social media, but about how to get your business out there and to improve the lives of others, while improving your life. It's Not About The Tights will give you the tools you need to wade through the emotions and the mental roadblocks that are stopping you right now.

What do you say? Ready to win?

Here are your Giveaway Rules:

1. Write a blog post about where your business is right now, where you WISH it was, what obstacles you face, and what you would do to overcome them, if you knew how.

2. Mention this blog and link to it in the intro. (Tania Dakka | Copy Fiend).

3. Share it in your social networks.

4. Come back here and share your own link to your blog post and let me know where you've shared it.

The contest starts now and each link that's shared in the comments will be assigned a number. A random number generator will choose the winner. (I wanted to do this based on which post was the most moving, but I would feel guilty by not choosing everyone.)

The drawing will be held next Monday Feb 18, 2013. Then, I'll gift Kindle copies of both, The Impact Equation and It's Not About The Tights, purchased from Amazon.

So, are you ready?  Let me see what's stopping you:)