Fuck Comfort

We stick to shit we know because it’s comfortable. We stick to our routines because they keep us safe. We stick to MEDIOCRE because, hey, who the fuck can fuck that up?

We were born for more.

We were born to BE more.

We were born to be Erika Napoletano. We were born to be Seth Godin. We were born to be the most powerful us’s possible.

But I get it. For some, waking up in the morning and playing in social is enough. They pick up a few clients here and there. They’re good.

Then you have Gary Vee.

And the psychos who get up at 3am to get shit done.

I’m not that psycho, even though I get up at that time.

I’ve been playing for mediocre. And letting myself get away with it.

And when did I realize it? After a week of calls with entrepreneurs who “don’t know what to do”.

I hopped up on my little soapbox and started pushing. Pushing them to dig deep into themselves, to not accept their own excuses. To push their limits.

Then it hit me.

Who the FUCK are you?? Do I book and deliver juicy shit at rapid-fire paces? Absolutely. Do I close the majority of my calls with signatures and payments? Of course. Do I work my waiting list like a motherfucker? No fucking doubt.

But I put off the Power Shots. I put off the books. I put off the scary shit.

Because I’m comfortable.

I don’t work out because I’m comfortable with my excuses.

I don’t reach out to more big ass brands because I’m comfortable with the one I’m working on now.

PowerShots will be back on this week. On time. I’ll not pull that seat-of-my-pants shit this week.

The first of two books will be written this week.

And my fat ass will be working out in some fashion every day this week.

Because as wonderful as comfort is? It’s just another word for mediocre. And that’s shit I’m not down for.

Recognize Where You’re Stopping Yourself and Get the Fuck Out of the Way

Pay attention to your thoughts and your physical reactions when you think things and you’ll figure out where you’re fucking up your flow. Ask yourself these questions and get a handle on the shit stopping you from stepping on the face of mediocrity and comfort, so you can step powerfully into the you that wells up inside you.

  1. What is something you’ve been thinking about doing, but have held off on it because it scares the FUCK out of you? How can you change that?
  2. What are three ways you can push yourself beyond mediocre this week?
  3. What are the beliefs you have about yourself that stand in your way?

Go fix every fucking one of those? And light your ass on fire.

Because comfort? Isn’t a luxury. It’s death.

When you’re ready to step out of where you are to become who you want to be? The Diamond Evolution is your solution to showing up and showing off your shit, like a boss. In the meantime, if you’re still comfortable being comfortable, and want to take little baby steps? Check out the Ink Bar, pull up a stool to a ton of content and more being added each month to help you own your BOSS game.