Friday Flashes

On Friday, you will find Twitter abuzz with authors and writers who attempt to entertain us with flash fiction pieces.  For those of you outside of the writing clique and are not familiar with what flash fiction is, they are tiny short stories.  Regular readers of this blog know that is what I tend to post and what I love most...nothing like taking a moment and emptying your brain on to the laptop:). 

As I am still toying with the angle and format of my little slice of the net, I don't know if I can limit your torture to just one flash per week.  :D  However, it might help me focus the direction that I would like to head in rather than rambling about the I am doing now.  Why don't you stop me when you see this happening?  :p

Anywho, this is the gist of things...

If you are a writer of flash fiction, please leave a link to your flash fiction piece in the comments below. 

If you are a reader of this blog, but are not a writer, I encourage you to email me (taniadakka at cedarshop dot net) your work and I will post it here if you don't have a blog to which you can post yours. 


Love to know your thought on this to me!