An Easy Trick to Putting an End to Your Favorite Excuse for Not Getting Fit

Pounding out hours on the treadmill is NOT my idea of fun. But someone said I had to do it, so I did it. Every. Day. And I hated it. Every. Day.

What happened to that routine?

I walked away from it. And didn't look back - until I had to.

Walking Away

We walk away from things we don’t like to do. So if you're not enjoying being fit, you're not going to tough it out. No one wants to live punishing themselves day after day. If the treadmill is torture or the your spinning class makes you want to run to the dentist instead, you're not going to continue. With the demands of keeping up with the house and dinners and marketing, we have enough stress on our heads as heads of our businesses and our homes. We don't want to push ourselves for something we don't love.

So if you don’t enjoy your fitness routines, you assume it isn’t for you. So you walk away from it. And you abandon one of the major things that makes you better at what you do - being healthy. Being healthy is the basis for any successful business.

Check out these top Tech dudes and dudettes that Mashable featured this weekend. They didn't walk away from being fit. They did what they love in fitness and it empowered them to do what they love in their business.

Fit begets profit. (Click the link to Tweet - thanks!)


The nature of our passions - writing, designing, freelancing, tech, whatever - dooms us to sedentary lives and we love to use the excuse that we don’t have time to exercise because we have a major project due or our families need something or or or...How many times have you opted not to put on your sneakers and hit that treadmill that sits conveniently in your office with the intention that you were going to finish Project X? (Did you really finish it then?)

So we give up the chance to torture ourselves in favor of doing the things we love. Our excuses become our crutches. Crutches splinter.

Cultivate Love

We didn’t start out running successful businesses. We started scared and nervous. Wondering how and if we could make it. But because we loved it, we stick to it. We stay up working hours after everyone is asleep. We  dedicate every possible waking moment bettering our businesses. We're determined to make our freelancing successful because it makes us feel good to do it.

We cultivated that love of freelancing, of entrepreneurship, and nurtured it. We made our businesses grow into something that we’d rather do than eat, drink, or even sleep. Because we found happiness when we sat to write, design and run our businesses.

Cultivating that same love for fitness will make sure you stick to it with the same tenacity that superglues you to your will to become a successful freelancer. Work through those tough fitness times to find that Sweet Spot. The spot where you can let go, relax and be in love with what you’re doing.

Trial and Error

That means you have to suffer through that same period of trial and error that you suffered through when you started your business. You remember the lean times of no clients when your bills were due and instead of going out to get a job, you clung to your freelancing because you believed you could do it - that's the same dedication you have to apply to your fitness so you can persist, grow and conquer the freelancing world. You have to try new routines and throw away the ones that don't speak to your Sweet Spot. You also have to throw away the notion that you’re going to see results right away - just like you did in your business.

You didn’t see results from your business efforts until months - maybe years- after you started, right? Clients didn't come flocking to your site as soon as you got it up and running, did they? You had to earn your results. Just like you do with your fitness regime.

The Plan That Gets Results

Make a plan each week to try a new fitness routine. Try new things until you find that love, that Sweet Spot.

Jamie Raintree of Everyday Fairy Tale Love Stories wrote me and told me how much she loved doing a postnatal rehabilitation video. And she’s finally found something that she loves that she can do without feeling punished everyday. It fits her needs and her fitness level so she was seeing results because she loved doing it and she persists at it - saying that she has the energy to write more now, even with two little girls in tow.

Likewise, I’ve always known I loved lifting weights and hated aerobics, but I tortured myself to the point where I didn’t want to do it anymore. Though I loved lifting, I hated the way my body turned out because of it. It didn't fit me anymore. It no longer spoke to me. So I quit.

Three children in three years and 60 pounds later, I found Zuzana’s workouts and fell in love again. I fell in love with the power I felt when I lifted, only I wasn’t lifting anything but me. Then, I tried shadow boxing and fell in love again. It’s the power of the adrenaline coursing through my veins that keeps me coming back. (That and the sweat rolling down my brow.)

And I do it religiously. As a result, just like Jamie, I have more energy. I feel good. I'm more confident. And my freelancing game has changed because of the RESULTS I get from working out. My marketing is more confident and more successful. I've increased my client base. And I earn more since hitting my fitness routine seriously again.

It's not like fitness is a magic key to success - but it is the key to unlocking the power that's in YOU so you can succeed.

When you do what makes you feel good, you want to stick to it. You want to succeed at it. When you can succeed at doing your body and mind good, then you can sustain your freelancing success.

So what can you try?


HIIT Zumba Belly Dance Boxing Tae Bo (Yeah, he’s still around) The Brazilian Butt Workout Hip Hop Dancing Weight Lifting Running Walking Elliptical Training Pilates Yoga Tai Chai Bodyweight exercises (Push ups, lunges, etc.) Barre Biking Crossfit Jonathan Bailor’s Eccentric Muscle Stimulation

And the list goes on for miles! If you're a beginner to working out, any of these can be tailored to your fitness level so don't be afraid to try something because a pro makes it look like something out of your league. Just find the movements that make you feel good.

Choose 4 workout types to fit your interests and level and do each one for a week for a month until you find the Sweet Spot your mind and body crave. If you don’t find it, move on to another 4 and try it for another month.

Try. Fail. Try. Fail. Try. Succeed.

The goal is to find the fitness moves you love. And do them. Every. Day.

Because when you love it, like your freelance business, you WANT to do it. You NEED to do it. And fit begets profit.

What 4 exercises will you commit to for the next 4 weeks? 

Thanks for reading and have a super week!



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