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Welcome to WildCard Wednesday! This is my day to bring you information from any number of crevices in my brain.  Today's post was derived to bring you success in your endeavors...whatever they may be:)  Read it.  Use it.  Grow. As a writerpreneur, I am constantly searching for ways to grow my businesses.  And in the sea that is the net, I have found a couple of resources to be invaluable.  One of them is Sean Platt.

You may have heard of him...if you haven't, please come out from under your rock.  :)

He IS Ghostwriter Dad.  This dad rocks.  He helps writers that are today where he once was become better writers by teaching them what he has learned along this writing road.

He has made an important offer on his site that is phenomenal and if you are a writerpreneur or an preneur of another breed, you have to check him out. He will  will guide you through 30 days of training to better your writing and teach you how to write sales letter by letting you WATCH one being born.

Writers need a sales letter?  Why, yes we do.  If you have products or services on your blog, then without Sean Platt's lessons, your landing page or opt-in offer is lost and you are losing traffic, not converting it into sales.

Your directions are clear.  Go here. see what you can learn from the Ghostwriter Dad.

Oh, and while you are at it, check out Yesterday's Gone: Season 1 by Sean Platt and David Wright, just released this week!  It is the first six episodes of their first season of serial fiction...season 2 is due out Jan. 2012!

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