212 filled her lungs as she breathed in the lingerings of his scent after he left.  He was an angel.  A Godsend.  She loved him more than life itself and would do anything to keep him.  Today, that vow was put to the test.

As Maria rounded the corner, she expected to see the love of her life, but instead she found the demons.  Those damned demons.  Why couldn’t they leave them alone?  Immediately recognizing the shirt in his hand, she asked, “Where is he?”

The demon smiled.  “You will see him soon enough.”  He held out his hand to her.  She refused.  She would not accept his games this time. 

“I will not go with you.  You will give him back to me.  And you will leave us for good,”  She demanded. 

“Oh, really?  What makes you so certain of that my love?”  The demon drifted ever closer to her, enveloping her in his long, thick tail.

“Because we are no longer your toys.  We will not stay within your grips any longer,” her voice was adamant and fierce.  She began to say prayers to herself, summoning the strength to face and beat the demon that stood before her, challenging her. 

“You sound serious,” he said with a sarcastic laugh that cut her to the bone.  His slithering hands ran through her hair.  He whispered to her, “I can give you what you want.  I can make all of your dreams come true.”  She shuddered.  He continued to hiss, “I already have him.  He has already given himself to me.  Don’t you want to spend your life with him?”

Maria held her breath and continued to mumble her prayers.  Focusing on the strength that she gained, but when he told her that he already had him, she stopped.  Looking him in his cold, dead eyes, she said, “He has not given in to you.  He will not be taken.”  The thick book on the table beside her lay open waiting for her.  Holding it with two hands, she recited more words and dove down. 

The atmosphere caved in on her.  Her brain screamed for mercy, but her heart pushed forward.  With a harsh pounding, her body hit the jagged floor, cutting her.  When her breath returned, her body still shook.  Searching for her jelly legs, she finally stood, steadying herself with the spiked walls.  Before she could focus, her heart heard the call of her lover. 

The agony pierced his flesh and pierced her soul.  She knew he was being kept here against his will.  She would get him out.  She would free him.  She would be there for him, as he had been for her so many times.  She could not let him go.  They were one.

One more cavern to enter.  There he sat, bound.  Water welled in her eyes.  She started for him, but something stabbed at her in the firelight.  A demon pushing her away, tore through her flesh, but she steamed forward.  Again.  He sliced her.  With each lashing, blood spilled forth from her flesh.  One last time, he buzzed her.

This time, she reached out in the second that he was in front of her, she grabbed him.  Her hands bled as she used every measurement of her strength to dismember him.  She stayed focused.  They would be together.  The demons were not going to keep them here. 

When at last she was in front of him, he cried bloody tears from his sightless eyes.  She leaned in his ear and whispered the words that had given her the strength to reach him.  Her words filled him and not.  He fought and struggled beneath their weight.  She continued to recite and give him the power that she had.  His tears continued to fall.  They cried together.  She held him as the demons attacked and tried to breathe their desires into them both.  They battled themselves and the overwhelm that pushed in on them.  There was only one way for them to leave there together and in tact…broken, but in tact. 

Sensing how far he’d gone, she buzzed the words harder and faster.  She sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around him.  When she finished her recitation, she said, “I came here for you.  I came to hell to take you out.  We have been given the strength and power to devour these demons once again.  Take this chance.  Grab your fate with both hands.  You do not have to succumb to the whispers of the devil.  You are stronger than he is.  You are blessed.  See it.  Feel it.  Know it.  Your heart longs to be in another world with me. Our souls are bound."  

His face changed.  His bloody tears slowed.  His sight slowly returned.  He saw Maria’s face stained from his own tears and realized that she would not leave him there.  The love she had for him and the strength that she had given him from the words she spoke in his ear and to his heart returned his wits to him.  He looked around, uncertain of how he had gotten here again, but he knew the words she spoke were true.  She had gotten down there, now he was going to have to get them out. 

Standing and holding her in his arms, the demons came to him again and again.  Empowered this time, he accepted each blow from them without pain.  His vision tunneled.  He began whispering his own words.  The words she had given him.  He broke into a run. 

All the while, repeating the authorization of God.  He jumped.  The sinew of his body recoiled and pushed him higher than any mortal had been.  When they landed, they alighted in their home.  Blood cleansed away.  Love bolstered.  Sins forgiven.  




I tend to stay away from religious issues in my stories because they can be so personal and differential from reader to reader, but this came to me as I sat.  I felt it would be doing the story injustice by editing away the religious aspect.  Hope you found it entertaining no matter what your beliefs, or non-beliefs, as the case may be. 

What did you like about this story?  What did you dislike about it?  Have you ever loved someone enough to go to hell and back for them? 

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