Fighting Gnomes

I missed last Friday's Flash, so here is my go for this Friday.  It is short and sweet.  Hope you don't mind!  I couldn't let another Friday go by, but there is MUCH to be done in the way of transforming some chaos around here!  Ok, enough of my chatter.  Here you go! 

The sunlight bathed the arena.  All gathered to watch the spectacle.  The crowd chanted, "Gnomes! Gnomes!  Gnomes!"  The song was loud and obtrusive for the gnomes about to entertain the world as they knew it.  They could procrastinate no longer.  It was time to amuse and abuse. 

Two gnomes dressed in the traditional garb of the time faced off as the crowd calmed to see the fight.  The tired, weary faces of the opponents suggested that it was time for a change.  But, who would be the one to stand in the face of the angry mob thirsting to see Gnome flesh ripped and torn apart?  Daisy would. 

She had enough and was willing to face her death in her stance.  She had seen her mother and father slaughtered sadistically by their brothers and sisters, but refused to let her own blood be shed or to shed that of her siblings.  She stood defiant.  No one had ever dared mock the angry crowd, but Daisy was ready to die for what she believed in.

"People!  People!  Listen to me!  We are all brothers and sisters here!  We have the same goals, the same dreams, the same hopes!  We all want the best of this life and of the next for ourselves and our loved ones!  Why tarnish the beauty of this life with sibling bloodshed?!" She shouted.  The mob began to quiet.  A calm murmur came over the crowd.  Were they really listening??  Daisy continued, "As Gnomes, we owe it to ourselves to strive for the best of this life by finding beauty and peace amongst ourselves!  We can struggle as we may to find that pot of nonexistent gold at the end of the proverbial rainbow or we can find peace in what we have now and be happy now!  Your perception determines your reality!  Perceive lightly!  Perceive happily!  Let your brothers and sisters live and perceive their own realities! 

"Will we always agree? NO!  But, that doesn't have to effect our own outlooks!  We decide if we want peace and love or if we want hate and death!  What say you, Gnomes?  Are you ready to move on to a better life by giving up the savage ways of our ancestors?  We can create our Utopia here in GnomesLand, but we all have to want it.  Do YOU want it?!"

Silence blanketed the arena.  The Gnomes stared at each other.  The thought had never occurred to them to live peacefully and to give up the savage games.  Could they do it?  Would they do it?

Moments later, thunder rolled across the land, "FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!"  They chanted over and over.  Daisy looked around in astonishment.  She had been certain that she had reached them, but now all she could see was black.  Her brother, her opponent, reached out and, with one blow, sideswiped her head with a wooden club.  "THAT'S for stealing my cars!" He shouted as she fell. 

The crowd erupted with pleasure.  A collective moan was released as Daisy's bleeding body awaited the traditional torment and defacing that followed a death match.  The crowd had not heard Daisy's cry for peace.  Save one little girl who would be forever inspired by the martyr.  She would carry the light of hope that Daisy set aflame.   The sparkle in her eye was her remembrance of the one who had dreamt a dream worth dreaming.

Love, love, love your thoughts, ideas, criticims!  What do you think of sibling death matches??  Should they be a form of entertainment for more than the Gnomes? :) 

By the way, thanks to @CraigWFSmith for sparking this idea for me!  Check out his great Flashes and his novel at !

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