Fear is a horrid thing.  It holds us back from doing what we want to do.  It prevents us from pushing forward full steam ahead on our goals.  But, worst of all, it affects others around us, as well. Know that as I write this, my own fear causes my pulse to race and my muscles to tense.  My thoughts are "What if this is a mistake?"  I am putting it aside this fear for the cause of humanity.

Last week, some unfortunate events occured in our town.  The people that were wrongly targeted will suffer the fear of uncertainty for a time yet to be determined.  This man, the people that work for him, his family and friends are powerless and can do nothing but sit and wait.  Their fears haunt them daily as they wait to see what fate will be chosen for the gentleman and those that depend on him.

Lives were upturned.  Jobs were lost.  Worst of all, HATE was embedded.

Out of the fear of uncertainty.

Because of uncertainty, they accuse a sweet, kind, gentle man who would never hurt anyone or do anything to jeopardize even a stranger.  Because of uncertainty, they ruin the lives of so many.  Because of uncertainty, they step on a man who helped EVERYONE that ever asked.

My heart goes out to the man in question.  My words go out to the rest of the world.

Before you judge someone based on where they are from, the color of their skin, the look of their car, ask yourself why are you judging?  Is it because you fear something unknown?  Is it because you have let yourself be filled with that fear through sources unscrupulous?

Behind every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  Before you jump to conclusions based on your fear of uncertainty, know that your leap is going to have reprocussions for that HUMAN being that could impact their lives and the lives of those around them.

I beg you.  Put your fear of uncertainty to rest by getting to know people before you judge them.  Don't let yourself or those you target be a victim of your own fears.

I want to thank Jonathan Fields for his upcoming book, Uncertainty Book.  Through his prompting, I was able to write this post.  While I still feel the adrenaline of that day coursing through me, I put aside my own fear of uncertainty of writing this to appeal to the masses.  Thank you, Jonathan.

Jonathan asked that we share our stories of triumph over our fears, while writing this is not an amazing triumph by any means, it is my most recent.  I would have to say my most amazing victory over it would have been when I left an amazing teaching career to fly across the world to meet a man I never met and marry him - straight off the plane.  To God, I am grateful for him and my strength everyday.

This week, Jonathan's book, Uncertainty Book, will be released.  Check out his amazing trailer:

[embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIGfhdaemPI [/embed]

And join me on Thursday in supporting Jonathan when his book is released on Amazon.