Facebook Posts Aren’t What You Think

So. Sally’s out there doing her thing. Posting all day long about her fucking coaching business. (KILL that word, please!) And she’s all happy that she’s “getting shit done”, yet her business is pulling in less than $5,000 a month. Shit. It’s probably less than $2,000 a month.

That’s because Sally forgets the biggest rule of sales: The people have to KNOW, LIKE, AND TRUST you. And standing on the corner soliciting drivers, means they’re not doing any of that.

Facebook peoples tend to forget Facebook is only one stop in the sales game. It’s the first stop. People are there to meet you.

Actually. They’re not.

They’re there for you to meet them.

I shit you not. I miss the days of hanging around just getting to know people and sharing this entrepreneurial journey’s ups and downs.

As a matter of fact, I think that’s why I’ve come to love the Fire of the Diamond Society so much. We are ONLY there to support and kick each other in the teeth every day to make sure we’re reaching our goals. There’s no trolling shit. There’s no feel that people are only there to sell.

Anyway, I digress. (I’ve had my Monster this afternoon...can’t imagine how I got off on that tirade…)

So. Facebook (and every other social outlet) is there for people to get to know you.

At the same time, it’s also a place where copy is overlooked.

What I mean is copy is writing geared to sell, so even your Facebook posts are there to sell you, your mailing list, or your services to people.

For example:

Jane scrolls past group posts and reaches Sally’s post in the feed, but Sally’s all, “You’ve tried all other diets…” blah blah blah bullshit. Jane continues to scroll. Because #1: The copy is weak and untargeted. (Yes, I can say that from that little bit of copy) #2: Sally’s personality is completely absent from that post. #3: The words are trigger words for snoozing

If Sally wanted to apply the rules of Know, Like, and Trust, Jane would have kept reading. If she wanted to write with the rules of copy in mind, Jane would have kept reading.

What are the RULES????

Write like YOU. It’s FACEBOOK. Enjoy it! Play and have fun with it. Relax. You’re pushing too hard. Let your guard down and let them get to know you, so they can develop that trust they need to develop in order to want to pay you.

Second, when you DO write promotional posts (because you CAN now that you’re not a self-promotional dick who is not there to do anything except take up Facebook space), start with narratives and stories that get attention, don’t start with “You have felt that push..”, “you need to…”

Starting with “YOU” is telling. It’s not creating a story that people will want to read.

Also, the game has changed in social, so what I do with Tequila Socials helps people get the attention they want. I write words that get attention, engage you in conversation, and keep people from scrolling past and ignoring you.

Diana Mitchell and Lisa Friedt have adored the results they’ve gotten from theirs.

The goal of Facebook isn’t just to sell. It’s to introduce you to new people. To get them interested in what you do. To help you build trust.

Use it that way.