Extinguished Flames

His world closed around him.  He knew nothing of what had happened.  All he knew was that she was gone.  She was the most beautiful, caring, selfless woman he had ever known, but now she was walking out of his life forever.  Simon saw only blackness as her car drove out of sight.  There was no light at the end of this tunnel. Two weeks later, Amanda received a call.  When she answered, the voice on the other end reported that she had reservations at Le Gran Blanc in Sarasota that night at 8pm and that a dress had been delivered to her home.  The caller hung up before she could respond.

At 7pm, a sleek stretch limousine arrived to take her to the poshest restaurant in town.  She nervously left home wearing the black, figure hugging, floor length gown and the coordinating diamond double choker.  She had never before worn such ostentatious clothing, let alone ridden in a limousine.  She was confused and self-conscience and her demeanor showed it.  The driver, a stout, grandfatherly looking man, opened the car door for her.  She blushed when he commented on how radiant she was.

Arriving at the restaurant, the maitre d' showed her to a small table nestled in the corner of the plush and elegant dining room. It was lit with candles and the sound of the orchestra played classical music.  She sat fidgeting and wondering who could have put together something so elaborate.  Ten minutes later, a debonair man in a black tuxedo nonchalantly strolled in to the restaurant.  He took her breath away. A second glance revealed her Simon.  Astounded at how he was able to transform himself in such a short time, Amanda sat in awe.

"Simon, what are you doing?"  She asked almost breathlessly.

"I came to claim what I had lost," he answered with stark self-assurance.

"You look so different.  What happened to you?"

"When I realized how I had let myself go and that I was the reason for your leaving, I decided to do something about it.  Do y ou like it?"

"No," she replied.

"No?  Why not?  I thought you would love the new, clean me," he asked disheartened.

"I do love it.  I don't like it.  You look like the old you, Simon.  You made me feel like a princess again.  Thank you.  You have no idea how I have missed being the queen of your heart and our home."

"I do know now, Love.  I do know now.  And my promise to you from this day forward is to put our happiness first and my selfish needs second.  I adore you and I almost died without you.  Thank you for giving me another chance."

The rest of the dinner went as planned.  They sat staring lovingly at each other discussing their new plans for the future.   As they left to go home, the limousine was sideswiped  as they opened the door by drunk driver careening into the parking lot; killing them both and injuring the driver.

Simon and Amanda had always loved each other and their new-found romance in a long, lost love rekindled their flames of passion.  However, the drunk driver that took their lives never knew what he had extinguished that night.