End bedtime battles with good copywriting

Delayed bedtimes, unfinished food, unbrushed teeth. Ah, the unheeded words of a parent can make even the sanest of sane lose it.

Stop the cycle.

Copywriters write copy to strike chords.  To resonate with their audience.  To move them and make them want to buy…even if it’s a product they might not need. 

Our children are our audience and our best copy can sell them on our ideas.

Harness the power of good copy. 

Learn the psychology of marketing and apply it to your children.  Children have the same mentality as a writer’s audience.  They want to be entertained.  They want what they want.  Use copychology on them to make them think that bedtime and brushed teeth is all their idea and that they are good ones. (Check out Robert Cialdini's The Influence of Persuasion.  He teaches why people say "yes" and how to apply it to your marketing.)

Copywriters listen to their audience. 

Oftentimes, children just want their voice to be heard.  Give them the floor.  Let them say what they need to say.

Listen carefully to what they DON’T say, as well as what they do.  Those beauties lack the ability to fully express  what they want or need.  Their frames of reference just aren’t vast enough yet. 

So, SuperCopy, you must listen with intent to what is between the lines, as well as to what is on them. 

Here’s how it works.

Little Suzi doesn’t want to go to bed.  She is having too much fun playing with you.  “You need your rest, Little Suzi” doesn’t cut it.  She isn’t concerned that she needs to sleep so she can develop into the rocket scientist that you dreamt she would become.  She wants to be close to you.  She’s missed you.  She needs you. 

“Little Suzi, I see that you are having a great time.  I didn’t want to sleep when I was your age, either.  So I understand.  But if you can go to sleep now, I will wake you five minutes earlier before school tomorrow so we can spend a little extra time together before you leave.  Do you like that idea?”

Wow.  Suzi is floored.  She was heard and understood…and now your copy has just sold her on the idea of going to bed…when YOU wanted her to. 

Congratulations :)

So the next time you have a request, make it.  Listen to the spoken and unspoken responses and mentally write your copy. 

Your client will be putty in your hands.  


Harmony in our homes, helps our minds to feel balanced.  What tips or tricks do you have for maintaining balance?

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