Drive them to Want More

We all have doubts. Doubts & fears drive most of us most days.

But sometimes little things swoop in and remind us that we are WAY off the mark.

Exhibit A:

This would be mine.

This is a registration for an event that my eldest daughter was sending off.

And it hurt oh so good.

Three years ago, she wouldn’t have been writing that about me. Because I hadn’t found my Sass. I hadn’t developed my Art.

Have you?

With your Sass out there, front and center, bled profusely across the crown of your site, people can’t help but want to know more.

They get hit in all the right places: their hearts because they feel your words and your personality, their minds because they are looking for someone who resonates with them, and their souls because when they feel your struggle, they feel their own struggle.

What most DIY’ers lack is…

True understanding of how powerful emotion is. They sit down and write and let their fingers go. And they go on and on and on about themselves and what their programs do.

With next to zero acknowledgment of what their readers truest pains and deepest dreams really are.

What happens when that happens:

  • Sales are scant, if existent
  • Discovery calls are nil (or overbooked with the wrong type of clients)
  • Business causes you more frustration and angst than happiness
  • Money, impact, and all the accomplishments you long for are brushed aside because you have to get a job or go back to being just “mama”
  • Your spouse says they're not putting any more money back in your business because you’re not showing any profit

Sad but true, follow the path:

Jane comes a-knockin’ and she’s expecting to see some semblance of connection. You spout off all day long that you know this and you know that. And Jane runs to the freaking hills.

“I help women entrepreneurs stop struggling in their businesses.”

Because Jane is selfish. She has a problem. And she doesn’t give a rat’s twisted f*cking whisker that YOU say you’re an expert at changing her life. She only cares that she can actually FEEL that you’re an expert at changing her life.

How do you express your expertise so that Jane actually books a Discovery Call & is really already ready to buy:

  1. Use what you know about your favorite customer and reflect the emotions they experienced before and after working with you to put the emotion Jane is looking for on the f*cking page.

  2. Address Jane more often than you address yourself. When you are writing from a “you” perspective, you come off caring and less assy self-centered.

  3. Look like you’ve done this a few times and put a ton of thought into the art your words create on that page, making sure your sass is front and center, but in a caring and not-so-jerky way.

  4. Start your copy with powerful headlines that get their attention and keep it with engaging narratives. Not watered-down questions that evoke NO emotion.

  5. Take the Rock Your Legend copy course so you can get pro results from a DIY effort with your homework assignments and personalized feedback from the chick in black.

“No, Jane, you won’t have to go get a job. In fact, the number of targeted discovery calls you’re taking now is going to triple. And your spouse will stand beside you, beaming, and say, ‘You did it!’”

Book some done-for-you emotion or take the course that’ll help you put your Sass right in front of them. Your business longs for it.