Do NOT Start Another Facebook Group

door-to-door Remember those dudes who used to haul around those Rainbow vacs, knocking on your mom’s door, trying to bribe her with a super clean carpet in the room of her choice, if she’d sit and listen to their pitch and watch their demo?

Now, instead of lugging those heavy ass machines up and down your street, they’re being brought to your face via Facebook.

And because EVERYONE now knows how wildly successful people have been in Facebook groups, everybody and their freaking brother has a Facebook group. Which means? That shit’s about to stop working.

I’m not saying groups aren’t and won’t be profitable. But I’m saying you’ve got to do things differently if you want to make it. And running your own group, isn’t the only way to do it.

Overbooked and Overworked

You have marketing to create for your products and services. You need to be out there forming new relationships (with the right people). You need to perfect and hone your own packages.

You have to service your existing clients, write blog posts to establish your authority, create social posts that get people talking, find a new accounting software, interview peeps for your newly open VA position, answer prospect emails, make yourself visible on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blab, Periscope, Pinterest (and 9M other social networks), create content for your upcoming webinar you hope will land you 753 new signups (if not, 75,398), write for HuffPo, guest post on 9 other sites.

Not to mention: Feed the people who rely on you for sustenance, clean up after said ingrates, spend time taking care of you, spend time with your Significant Other (who is far more patient than you’d ever be), do yoga, meditate, and manifest the shit makes life worth living.

So let’s add: Create AND MAINTAIN your own successful Facebook group. Which, by the way, adds way more time to social media than you’re going to make from it.

Don’t get me wrong. Groups are great. I’ve made loads of money in them. They’re the stomping grounds for like-minded people who could use your services, but you don’t need to create your own Facebook group to be successful.

All you need to do is be seen (A LOT), making the right friends, and create a shit ton of value. In Facebook. Or not. On Twitter. Or not. Don’t bind yourself to a social strategy because everyone else is. You bind yourself to the ones that suit your goals.

And it’s not always the one every else is using.

The Strategy for Facebook Groups

Find groups where the owner is active and strong. And participate. Answer questions, make them laugh, teach them some ninja shit they can’t get anywhere else. Just don’t be shy. Nor obnoxious.

Stay away from link drop groups. You want to be able to promote, so you also don’t want to join the ones that are 99.9% linkage. It’s great to promo, but at that point, there’s not a damn soul in that group reading posts. They drop in, drop their link, and drop out. Useless.

Look for groups that your ideal clients are active in. For example, if you don’t like working with woo-woo coaches, stay out of the psychic, intuitive, soul-whisperers groups. If you like balls-to-the-wall clients, then stay out of the heart-centered business owners groups.

And if you join a group, read the rules and post accordingly, but if you don’t feel well received, bail. You have NO time to spend diddling about in bullshit groups that don’t jive with your strengths and needs.

Get out there. Join groups. But unless you have a large existing base and are not planning on being active (even when you don’t have a kick ass program or service to promote), then DON’T be an owner.

If you’re ready for a strategy that will pull you from the depths of coaching hell where everyone else is clawing to get out? Hit me. I have two spots open for Creative Power Sessions to help you escape.