Melissa needed a distraction.  Life's series of bumps and potholes had made their mark on her face.  The wrinkles and lines of her plagued countenance told her unedited story.  She had always been caretaker for her family and her husband's family, but she no longer wanted to be the workhorse that she had become.  Her plan was to change her face and her station. The doctor's shady office made her increasingly nervous about her decision.  Yet, she unwisely suppressed the flight response in exchange for an affordable blade. The tall, lanky nurse resembling something from a mad scientist's lab fetched her from the waiting room to seat her in the torn doctor's chair.

When he limped into the room, she stuttered as she explained what she wanted.  "A-A-Are you sure you can do this?"  she asked.  Dr. Matthews assured her that he had been licensed in the field of plastic surgery; he neglected to tell her that his license had been revoked many years ago.  Melissa hesitantly accepted his half-truth.

The day of surgery came.  After exuberantly kissing her husband as he left for work, she skipped out the door to Dr. Matthews' office.  Her giddiness blinded her from the half-lit waiting room and broken TV at which she stared.  She was going to be new again.  She was never going to have those pesky lines haunting her in the mirror again.  Once her face was restored, she would set the rest of her plan in motion.

The nurse came to take Melissa back, "Mrs. Davis," she beckoned in a monotone.

Melissa practically skipped back to the broken chair in which she sat two days prior.  Dr. Matthews' entered with the syringes in hand.  Melissa blissfully greeted him; unaware of the fate that awaited her.

Neglecting to clean Melissa's skin prior to injecting the filler caused a fatal reaction to the staph that was introduced into her body.  Melissa's unattended recovery in the recovery room resulted in her death.  Her husband never found out her fate and never knew she was unhappy fulfilling her station in life.  He would have happily provided her with the distractions she needed had he known what she wanted.