Dig this up and you’ll never season your site with vanilla again

Emotion is a switch that vanilla cannot flip.

And it’s a well-established fact that emotion is the basis for buying. Without it, likability isn’t conveyed, authority isn’t imbibed, credibility is evaded and sales/signups? Blocked. 

So how do you caress that switch into the “on” position? 

By connection. 

By allowing yourself to become deeply attached to what you’re selling and who you are selling it to. And by allowing yourself to express that connection via your charm and fucking wit. 

Vanilla is the hindrance of all of that. 

It’s a facade and a mask that says, “I REALLY want you to like me, so I’m not going to let myself out here TOO much.” Or “Wait, I’m not really sure what the fuck good my program is, so lemme just skirt the edges here.” 

And if I’m being painfully honest here (did you expect much else??), it’s also the result of the resentment of the written word. I kid you not. Many of my clients come to me simply because they despise writing, so they’ve skated along with minimal bullshit and fewer results. (Can you imagine??)

Whatever your reason, the result is the same: Lack of connection with the reader and lack of impact on your business. 

What IS Vanilla? 

“Are you ready to leap into the life you love?” ← WHAT? Your brain shut off at “are you ready to leap”.
“What if you could stop commuting every day?” ← HUH? You shut down at “what if you could”.
“Social media that actually gives you a return on your investment.” ←  YAWN. 

I’m going to say them again. With utter lust for what I do as a coach: 

“Mornings spent wallowing in the silence and splendor of the dawn. Days overflowing with girl time and massages. And clients that effortlessly find you. It’s not your imagination. It’s your reality. Because you’ve said yes to you, to everything you deserve to become.” ← I’m just hazarding a guess here, but I’m thinking you stayed awake for that one. No? 

“Email after email. ‘I’d like to book 3 months with you 1:1.’ ‘Are you sure your waiting list won’t be clear for six months?’ Or ‘I’d love to start asap’. Because you finally gave the nod to that yearning in your soul to help people crush their inhibitions and blocks. Telling your boss good-bye was the best thing you ever did.” ← No? Didn’t like that? Did you like “What if you could stop commuting every day” better? 

“Social systems suck. Unless you have a lock on your content that brings back $200 for every $3 you spend. This is the last social media system you’ll ever WANT to invest in.” ← You be the judge. Which one grabbed you harder? 

See? Vanilla is the boring spice that makes cookies and cake taste all yummy. But it’s the spice that drains your copy of anything that could warm their hearts. 

So What’s the Fix? 

Fall in mad fucking love with your shit and shout it from the rooftops of your site and social. Let that fire be the guide for every emotion you want conveyed in your brand and products, so that the people you want buying find themselves unabashedly magnetized and drawn to your deep dark places. 

Free write until you’re sick of seeing it, then edit the fuck out of what you wrote and there’s nothing there but your soul. 

Kill every nagging naybob in your outrageous head. Your mother’s demand for perfection. Your father’s need for control. And your husband’s need for the remote. All stacked against you in a whirlwind of “Wtf? Why am I not good enough???” You are. And NO ONE IS GOING TO SAVE YOU. You have to be the one to bring yourself to that realization, however you do that. 

There’s a deep-seeded love for what you do somewhere inside. Dig it up and create copy that they can’t let go of so buying from you becomes automatic.