Delia: A #FridayFlash

I so have NOOO business doing this today.  I mean...REALLY.  But, my soul needs feeding after all the nonfiction work I have been doing this week.  So, forgive my brevity, if you will.  But, implore you, I still.  Please read to the bottom.  And leave a comment for the Rotten:) 

Lost and confused, Delia missed her bus.  Not knowing where she would go or who she could trust, she turned to make her way back toward Russ.  His looks made her swoon and her knees knock.  Butterflies reached her throat, but that's no shock.  When her eyes met his, it was love at first sight.  Throwing caution to the wind, she approached him gussying up all her might.  "Please don't think me brazen, but your face is amazing.  I would love to see you some other night."  Russ reacted, appalled in every way.  Up went his hand and brought a close to her day.  Now she lay bleeding down on the floor. The life spilled out of her...forever more. 


A lesson to careful who you approach.  Beauty can be deadly:)


Ha!  Thank you for allowing me this little ditty...apparently too many rhymes in one sitting.  I hope I didn't offend you or run you away.  Please join me on Twitter, Facebook, and Google today!  Don't worry, I'll spare you more of the fray! 

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Photo Credit: Fir0002 (wikimedia commons)