Define Your Success

Tania Dakka | Badass'D Biz+InkDo you own a Ferrari? What's the value of that palace you live in?

What digits follow your name when people talk about your assets?

For some, those are their measures of success. It's not mine.

Let me saddle up on Thundah (yes, I named my bike :p ) and hit the road. Just for half an hour. The wind pushing against me at 55mph (because I'm not brave enough to go faster yet) reminds me that I'm free. I'm the controller of my own destiny.

That's my definition of success: To be able run my own business, take care of my children with home-cooked meals, take care of my home, to be there for my family when they need me, and to roll on two when I want.

I was thinking about this when I was out riding this morning. These are all things that people told me I couldn't do. And the fact that I did them is why they are my definitions of success. I don't need a mint in the basement, although it would be nice :) I don't need an Audi R8. I don't even want a bigger home.

I'm happy. I'm happy knowing I'm in charge.

Why Defining Your Success Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur

When you start out in business and you have no idea what you're working for, you'll shoot any target that runs your way. [Tweet! Tweet!]

And you'll not only end up chasing any lead you come across, you'll end up wasting precious time. And, in this day and age, no one has that to waste. But when your eye's on the prize, when you know exactly what you want to achieve, you'll make your dreams happen faster and you'll see your success come to fruition before your eyes.

When you're approached about your business, you'll ask yourself if the outcome will move you forward  or take you off track. Your answer will guide you toward your goal.

For instance, when you you're approached about a client who's gig just doesn't sit well with you, you have to make a decision to go through with it even if it feels "yucky" or walk away because you don't need the hassle of a less-than-deal arrangement. Will walking away hurt if you need the cash? Yep. But will it hurt as much as saying "yes" and then having to work double time with a client who isn't satisfied with anything you turn over?

Stand or Walk Away?

If your goal is simply to earn money, then you'll probably take it. If it's to build a credible business model known for its stellar performance, taking it isn't going to help you at all, so you'll walk away.

That's the scary part. But once you know your definition of success and how your work plays into it, you can accept that tinge of nauseousness, then happily move on to the next offer. And if you don't have one yet, that's okay because you're going to get out there and hustle your ass off until you nail it. THAT'S the way successful businesses are run.

You can't afford NOT to know your definition of success if you want to make it as an entrepreneur.

I'd love to know YOUR definition of success in the comments!

Have an AMAZING week!



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