Dear Freshman Entrepreneur, it's time to graduate

Freshman don’t know how to function in high school. They’re awkward and trying to learn the ropes. They try to do everything themselves so they can function and OWN where they are next year.

And that’s why I don’t work with Freshman anymore.

They don’t understand the value of teamwork.

They think they have to struggle in order to win.

But the opposite is true.

When you realize you need a team under you in order to win at the game (high school or business), you become an upper-classman.

The one everyone looks up to.

The one everyone WISHES they could be.

Dani helped me do that.

I wasn’t a freshman when I hired her. Maybe that was the difference. I was a sophomore.

But hiring her has raised my rank in the classes. My email list has grown 30%. And that's fucking awesome.

But my SALES? They’re up 500%.

Because I knew where to look for the team players who were knowledgeable, experienced, and KNEW what to do to win.

Business is about smart decisions. Hiring Dani has been one of my best ones yet.

Want to graduate to the next level in business? You won't do it alone.

What to look for in a business partner who will make a difference for you:

  1. Their level of experience. - You want a newby because they are cheap? That’s what you’ll get. Hire someone who has been in the game long enough to have made a difference in multitudes of businesses.
  2. Their compatibility with your skills. - You’re a hard-ass. Work with someone who can take it. Don’t work with someone who will whine because you’re pushing too hard.
  3. Their time zone. - SO NOT FUCKING KIDDING. - Think about it. You have a brilliant idea, but it’s 9 am your time and your team won’t be online until 2pm?? WTF?
  4. Their level of SUCCESS with past teams. - Again...why hire someone who has NO skills? You’re throwing money away, UNLESS your gut tells you this chick (or dude) has got shit going on.
  5. Their ability to think BEYOND what everyone else is doing.

Freshman don’t become upperclassmen on their own.

The upperclassmen raise the freshmen up.

Hire a team that will fucking take you where you want to go.